Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sierra Club Seyz: Show-Me Missouri Reps. Mims And Dunn Saving The Planet!!!

High praise for these two Kansas City politicos from one of the better groups working to protect the environment. Checkit:


Conservation Group Praises Voting Record of two KC-area State Legislators

[Kansas City]: The Missouri Chapter of the Sierra Club today announced its endorsement of Bonnaye Mims and Randy Dunn for re-election as State Representatives in Kansas City. Rep. Mims (27th District) and Dunn (23rd District) were first elected in 2012, and are finishing their second terms in office.

"We are very pleased to announce today that the Sierra Club officially endorses Representatives Bonnaye Mims and Randy Dunn for re‑election," said local Sierra Club Political Chair Claus Wawrzinek. “Both have been champions for clean air for our state. They voted to protect the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, which will dramatically reduce air pollution in the Kansas City area. They know that our children suffer high levels of asthma due to air pollution, and they are standing up for our kids.”

“Voters in Kansas City support environmental protection,” continued local Sierra Club Chair Anne McGregor. “That is one of the things that makes our community a special. Representatives Mims and Dunn share our values.”

“Both Mims and Dunn were named to the Missouri Sierra Club Honor Roll for voting 100% pro-environment in our 2015-2016 Legislative Scorecard”, explained Sierra Club Chapter Director John Hickey. “Mims and Dunn stood up to protect the Clean Power Plan, which will dramatically reduce carbon pollution. They voted against special interest legislation that banned Kansas City from regulating plastic bag pollution and from increasing our minimum wage. Mims and Dunn are on our side.”

Election Day is Tuesday, August 2, and polls are open from 6 AM til 7 PM.

Along with the endorsement, the Sierra Club will lend its volunteer strength to Mim’s and Dunn’s campaigns. "We pledge to do all we can to help ensure that our friends are re-elected," said Missouri Chapter Director John Hickey. "Sierra Club volunteers will contact voters about how these two representatives are standing up for clean air, clean water, and civil rights."
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Bob said...

Endorsement by the Sierra Club is a negative among thinking voters.

Anonymous said...

Unless they're environmentalists.

Why do you need to pretend that everyone who supports this organization is unthinking?

It seems to me, Bob, that you are the one who's unthinking.

Everyone sees that you're a racist pig; that's why you felt compelled to show your ignorance.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If you look close. These two pics are the same people. Randy is in drag in one but not the other.