Tuesday, July 05, 2016


We're only posting this link because the other media outlets in town are doing nothing but publishing straight up campaign material from the Kander camp and we believe an alternative perspective is important . . . Even if MO SecState Kander is Kansas City's favorite political son and one of the best and brightest Democratic Party denizens to ever work in this cowtown, we're providing the link as fair play . . .


Now, most of this stuff is partisan slapfighting that's mildly entertaining and obviously backed by Sen. Roy Blunt supporters. Still, this offers insight and veterans against Kander and important criticism of his job as SecState to balance the otherwise one-sided coverage in the local media.

As far as TKC is concerned, SecState Kander has done a good job in just about everything he has ever tried and we only fault him for BREAKING A PROMISE ABOUT HIS COMMITMENT TO THE SECSTATE JOB that everybody else believes is a minor deet but we think is an important point that reveals his sincerity to voters and the sworn duties of elected office. 

You decide . . .


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Ov Vey!

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He's hiding a slot. Just like every other career politician.

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Jason Kander just turned 35 years old in May of this year.

Only 35, and he thinks he has the work and life experience to represent Missouri residents in the United States Senate.

He graduated from a private Kansas high school in 1999, then it was on to Washington, D.C. for college and law school. I don't think he even got out of school until 2005.

By 2008, he got elected to the Missouri House of Representatives when facing no challenger in the general election.

In 2010, he was re-elected to the House, this time actually facing an opponent in the general election.

In 2011, the incumbent Secretary of State announced she would not seek re-election and Kander immediately announced his intention to run for the seat.

In 2012, after raising significantly more campaign funds than challengers, and with less than 50 percent of the vote, he narrowly defeated his Republican challenger (48.9 percent vs. 47.4 percent).

In April 2013, Kander publicly promised that he intended to remain MO Secretary of State and would seek reelection to the office in 2016. The question arose because others within his party speculated that he would seek to run for MO Attorney General since Chris Koster had announced a run for Governor. Those within his own party viewed him as an impatient opportunist.
See link here: http://themissouritimes.com/2503/jason-kander-says-he-is-running-for-reelection-in-2016/

In February 2015, Kander officially flip-flopped and broke his promise to Missouri voters, announcing that he wanted to return to Washington, D.C.

Isn't Jason Kander too immature to adequately represent Missouri's hardworking families?