Thursday, July 07, 2016

Ozzie Considers 'Oddly Correct' Midtown Kansas City Coffee Cult!!!

Our favorite local webseries of all time finally gets around to Midtown Kansas City Christian roasters who refuse to provide cream and/or sugar to customers.

Oddly Correct is Christian, bitter and ridged but some say strangely rewarding . . . At the very least, the hobos won't visit because they can't beg here . . . And the hours suck.

Check Ozzie's view:

TKC double bonus . . . Since we're talking "correct" let's also give some credence to Cracked . . . Here's another coffee review that takes a broader perspective and also deserves consideration.

More in a bit . . . After coffee . . .


Do not give money to haters said...

Another coffee purveyor aligned with a hate group.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Does the coffee taste better atop a soapbox?

Anonymous said...

The hours at Oddly Correct do suck, it's amazing they're still in business.

Anonymous said...


Full-bodied brew with a pleasant aftertaste.