Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Obamacare Hateration Kills Golden Ghetto?!?

A worthwhile glimpse at the conversation over Healthcare among a growing contingent of po'folk in what was formerly Kansas City's most affluent community that's now dealing with a declining middle-class, more apartment dwellers and demands on their withering social safety net. You decide: In Prosperous Johnson County, Medicaid Expansion's Absence Still Felt


Bob said...

DeWeese complains that refusal to expand Medicaid has cost Johnson County taxpayers about $3.5 million. He wants the federal government to pick up that tab. But: 1. If there is a shortfall in the cost of providing health care to Johnson County indigents, why should it not be paid by Johnson County taxpayers. 2. The federal government could pay the tab, but where does that money come from? Taxpayers in other locations? Loans from China and Japan? The thin air? It seems to me that the cost is alloted as it should be.

Anonymous said...

Is that a Medicaid meeting or a weight loss ad?

Anonymous said...

If it's a weight loss ad they need a new agency.

Anonymous said...

Neither Kansas nor Missouri have expanded Medicare. However, let me remind folks that Veterans no longer get their medical benefits unless they have a certified and rated service connected disability. We all know about the years long lines for those war injured veterans trying to get their disability rating that leads to covered healthcare.

Veterans who simply want their non existent VA benefits are required to pay co pays on Visits that are just as high as any and pay co pays on prescriptions that are up to three times higher than what ANYONE can get generics for at Walmart, thanks to bureaucratic bullshit and inefficiency. It should also be noted that when care is farmed out (which happens so often the VA has become more of a referral agency than much anything other than Walgreens style health care) veterans have to pay private hospitals and/or practitioners any amounts not covered by basic medicare rates. These amounts can be huge.

So while Obama swears by his war vets they are getting benefits that hardly qualify a benefits and he personally was responsible for cutting 2.4 billion from the VA program this year alone. Folks can hardly blame the attack on Obama care for the bullshit Obama has engineered in the background that forces millions of veterans to go out and get private insurance to help pay for the VA And the nations Obamacare program that veterans are forcibly diverted from if they are paying for care at the VA.

Do some homework and you'll find out Obamacare is a failed social program that not even the insurance companies want to participate in. The failures are more about baloney calculations, bad predictions (gambles), bad estimates and bad implementation at the Federal level than anything.

Anonymous said...

Kansas Legislature is smart enough not to fall for the sucker deal that is Obamacare medicaid expansion. When the federal seed money runs out then the state is stuck paying the shortfall. Stay with this smart decision. Anyway more blood, more parasites. Move to a liberal state to get more milk from the public teat.