Friday, July 29, 2016


Kansas City's token liberal Latina Mary Sanchez offers this mundane bit of writing in defense of a candidate that has yet to impress voters or pollsters . . .

Here's what is pretty much DNC talking points . . .

Hillary to Donald: Game on!

Highlights for those not interested in the Star's adware plauged website . ..

Thanks, Donald, for reminding us who the adult is in this race.

What will stick with many voters is the candidate Clinton showed herself to be, steeled and calm — attributes that will make our country prevail against its many challenges.

Indeed, Trump’s antics make the reasons to shun Clinton appear petty.

It may be true that voters want new blood, not another family returning to the White House as if it’s a dynasty. And yes, Clinton’s judgment was terrible in creating a separate email server at the State Department. Yes, she has not held regular news conferences as she should. She is not smooth before the cameras. Her past pecuniary relationships with Wall Street raise questions about her political affinities. Her vote as a senator for the Iraq invasion was simply wrong.

But all these objections recede in the face of Trump. He is a candidate so unworthy of the powers of the presidency it is stunning.

You decide . . .


Bob said...

They used to say of newspaper editorials that only two people read them: the person who wrote the editorial and the person who proofed it. Sanchez and Diuguid columns reduce that number by 50%. Proofreaders can't stand them either.

Anonymous said...

Don't let them cut down your hero, Bryan Stadler!!! Step up and tell us how fantastic he is!!

And he is, too! He'll stand up for us whites!!! I love seeing how far racial realism has come. It's exploding right now, and black agitators just keep pouring more gasoline on the fire. If they keep it up the election in November won't even be close.

I'm sure there will be a new batch of one-issue voters this election- people who are sick of B(L)M and the grievance industry and will vote for anyone who will stand up to them.

Stadler is sick of this BLM bullshit and all responsible whites should be as well. Trump will be elected and then we can start the arduous task of putting blacks in their place.

The ground.

Anonymous said...

Did the Clintons bail out their son in laws hedge fund firm that went broke this year?

Bob said...

7:49, your internet creative writing class did not help. Save your money next time. You just don't have it.

Super Dave said...

Lee Iacocca wrote:
Am I the only guy in this country who's fed up with what's happening? Where the hell is our outrage? We should be screaming bloody murder. We've got a gang of clueless bozos steering our ship of state right over a cliff, we've got corporate gangsters stealing us blind, and we can't even clean up after a hurricane much less build a hybrid car. But instead of getting mad, everyone sits around and nods their heads when the politicians say, "Stay the course." Stay the course? You've got to be kidding. This is America, not the damned Titanic. I'll give you a sound bite: Throw the bums out!

Anonymous said...

Racist, KC Star DNC Propagandist Mary Sanchez Brags That American Whites’ Days are Numbered, While Calling on Them to Embrace Their Own Destruction, and Failing to Explain Who Will Pay the Bill for Her New, Non-White Nation, or: Die, Whitey, Die.
By Nicholas Stix

Anonymous said...

Mary Sanchez symbolizes the failure of the Star. Reality does not fit into our view of what the world should be so we'll just pretend and make shit up.

Anonymous said...

Sanchez is part of a full-court press to hide the plainly demonstrated internal corruption of the Democratic Party and to demonize every syllable of Trump's campaign. And it's not working.

Sanchez and her legacy media ilk don't grasp that the wikileaks revelations did two things that make her hysterical rhetoric obsolete.

First, the leaks showed that Hillary benefited from cheating half the Democratic Party into believing that their voice mattered. Sanchez and Silverman and CNN can cry 'get over it' all they want; the fact is that the Bernie voters did the responsible thing and literally voted with their feet when they left the convention floor and the party. There was a chance to repair this rift, but it has passed. Now Hillary's brand has been damaged beyond repair and the DNC has an unpopular candidate behind in the polls with no common touch and a long campaign season to run. Not to mention more wikileaks to come, which will definitely not help.

Second, Sanchez and her kind don't understand that wikileaks proved collusion between major news outlets and the DNC. Long thought to be the paranoid fever dream of Hannity and Limbaugh, now there is definite proof of it in abundance. In other words, trust in traditional media is quickly evaporating, and Sanchez still thinks the old b.s. will work. It won't.

Sanchez is practicing obsolete tactics in an obsolete medium and everyone but her knows it.

Anonymous said...

reading key stories online makes it easier to never again notice the yokels' columns.

Anonymous said...

Sanchez attacking elderly, 70 year old Trump--


Anonymous said...

Snancheese gets caught again. Like Hilliary, a stupid cunt.

Anonymous said...

Are there 2 more racist ' journalists' than Sanchez and Diguid?By the way ,what has happened to Diguids squeeze, Bette, ?Have nt seen her name lately

Anonymous said...

Those damning hacks leaked so far, and likely more coming, may be extremely harmful for Clinton's chance at the presidency. Perhaps she's feeling the anxiety, the helplessness, the disregard, the dread, and every emotion felt by those Americans abandoned in Benghazi. Surely, karma can be a big ol' beeotch.

Wow, it's gotta be nightmarish for her and her strident supporters with worries of additional cyber breaches. With 101 days to go, and who knows what could get leaked in the interim. Surely, there's unease about trust for vote tabulations. Some whistleblowers alerted us of deliberately "vanished" Gore votes and higher than possible Obama counts on Diebold machines not too long ago. Blame was laid on domestic, deliberate manipulations and not cyber attacks. Final analysis wasn't conclusive about fraud.

So, will 2016 continue to be "leaks loaded"?

Anonymous said...

Sanchez is Crystals bitch.

Anonymous said...

If it weren't forTKC, I wouldn't even know the Star was still churning out the same, boring, predictable op Ed columns. Find some liberals, put them in front of a keyboard and ask them to write on the same subject day after day. Hmmmmmm, can't figure out why that strategy would not work.

Anonymous said...

Mary Sanchez, the government-paid propaganda agent, masquerading as a journalist assigned to The Kansas City Star is continuing her irrational screed against the next President of the United States after having received an urgent memo from her handlers at the Democratic National Committee/Media Matters.

The memo was marked "Classified--Top Secret" and read: "Our base is under attack! Real danger of total defeat if reinforcements do not arrive ASAP. Spare no expense in defense of our mission."

The irony of course, is that this was essentially the same message that Ambassador Stevens and staff in Benghazi, Libya sent out to Hillary Clinton's State Department before they were left to die at the hands of terrorists, when American Special Forces in the Mediterranean were within reach for a rescue, but were ordered to stand down because Hillary Clinton didn't want her illegal action of arming terrorists to be exposed.

Mary Sanchez writes that Hillary Clinton was "extolling the greatest ideals of the nation..." Wow! Ms. Sanchez has an extremely low opinion of the United States, as Hillary Clinton represents the following:

Anti-Marriage --- everyone knows that Hillary and Bill Clinton have never had a true marriage but rather a criminal political alliance. They haven't lived together as husband and wife for decades, and they each have other sexual partners, Hillary living full-time with her aide and lesbian partner Huma Abedin. Americans remember Monica Lewinsky, but few know that Huma Abedin has been with Hillary since she was a 20-year old White House college intern.

Misogynist --- while personally practicing a lesbian partnership, Hillary Clinton has a long history of attacks on women. She directed the personal attacks on many of Bill Clinton's sexual assault victims in Arkansas and Washington, D.C., going so far as threatening physical violence to those who were reluctant to drop charges. As an attorney in Arkansas, she defended a known child rapist and laughed about it afterwards. Hillary has solicited and accepted millions of dollars for the Clinton Foundation from oppressive rulers who keep their women residents suppressed and without equal rights. Clinton has supported Middle Eastern regimes which deny women the right to vote, the right to an education, the right to divorce, the right to choose an occupation, all while enforcing restrictive sexist clothing requirements.

Anonymous said...


Corruption --- the first political action of note that Hillary Clinton participated in was to serve as an assistant to the Democratic Congressional committee investigating President Nixon's role in the Watergate scandal. She was fired from her assignment for incompetence! Seems she made a habit of routinely lying to others while she was just a recent law school graduate. Then there was the corruption at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock; Whitewater land swindle; helping steer public taxpayer funds from the Arkansas Economic Development Authority to those contributing to Governor Clinton's campaign; the cocaine smuggling operation
into the Mena Arkansas airport in support of the CIA's covert guns-for-drugs Nicaraguan Contra effort; skimming money off of Arkansas state bond business with Barry Lasater and accomplices; allowing Don Tyson (Tyson Chicken) to operate outside the law in exchange for campaign cash; Hillary's illegal bribes disguised as commodity trading profits; Vince Foster's homicide on White House grounds; Ron Brown's homicide while on an international trade mission; Travelgate; accepting millions of dollars from Communist Chinese-linked entities; Hillary's run for US Senate from NY when she wasn't eligible; conspiring to shut out Bernie Sanders candidacy before the debates had even started; many many others; and of course her recent violation of national security and repeated lies related to her illegal unsecured email server which was hacked by America's enemies.

Ms. Sanchez has inadvertently described her own writing style when she mentions terms such as: "vituperation and bombast"...."violent, menacing character show through"...."petty"..."judgment was terrible"..."pecuniary relationships"..."so unworthy"..."a gift to terrorists"..."superficial sorts of judgment we associate with middle school"..."her lecturing tone".

In summary, Mary Sanchez is neither an honorable journalist, nor accurate reporter. She is an angry middle-aged man-hating divorcee who writes attack pieces and other propaganda for the Democratic National Committee/Media Matters in exchange for compensation and the preposterous faux title of being a "syndicated 'Voice of the Latina' columnist"!!!! Now that is FUNNY!!!!

Mary Sanchez----a brain is a terrible thing to waste.