Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Lucy & The Kansas City Evening Link Look

Brit hottie Lucy Collett continues to teach her fans about body acceptance and all shapes and sizes of attractiveness amid the culture war. And so she starts this diverse list of Kansas City news links tonight. Take a peek:

El Bryan Jokes The Local Discourse
retorts illustrated bryan stalder
More Cowtown Cycling Advocacy
Bicyclists too often pedaling uphill in Kansas City
Tragic Local Charges
Mother says her disabled daughter was abused at Kansas City daycare facility
Wildcat Teaching Moment
Feds side with women suing Kansas State over alleged rapes
Show-Me Campaign Finance Conundrum
Is Illinois Exporting Corruption Into Missouri?
More Cowtown Cabbie Fighting
Uber and Kansas City poised to battle again over regulations
Triumph Amid Tougher Competition?!?!
First-half grades for Kansas City Royals players
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, how many more pictures of fat chicks with bloated, saggy tits do we have to look at? Nobody but pervs gets turned on looking at that shit.

Anonymous said...

Somebody got up on wrong side of the bed

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that "Lucy" broad is nothing but a big, fat hog with oversized tits. Big deal and PASS!