Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Leanne And The Kansas City Link Pool

Leanne Crow inspires this important collection of Kansas City links for tonight filled to the brim with links we thought were interesting and worth a click . . .

Cowtown Now Hiring
Need a job? Kansas City employers want you
Fear Kansas City Busted Pipes
Bloch Fountain outside Union Station shut off again after pipe breaks
Rock Chalk Big Money Moment
University of Kansas To Break Ground On New Overland Park Hospital Building
KC Star Next Column Seen First On TKC
S&P downgrades Kansas credit rating, citing ongoing budget issues
Show-Me The Campaign Slap Fight
Greitens donor sues Brunner over "sex slave" moniker
Sound Of The Cowtown Creative Class
Kansas City Producer Hooks Up Grunge Punk Metal Bands With Free Studio Time
Attractions Down By The River
KC Crew Riverfront project casts Millennial net with sand volleyball, kickball
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with having sex slaves? If people don't stop bitching about everything these poor broads will never have work.

Anonymous said...

Tony, why do leave comments like this up?

Please don't tell me its 'free speech'.

This creature is making you look stupid.

Anonymous said...

The Kansas City "creative class" is nothing but a masturbatory bunch of slacker mediocrities with tattoos and stupid hats. The innovation and creativity coming out of Kansas City is ... what, exactly? Answer: There isn't any.

Anonymous said...

4:55 Whining makes you look fucking stupid and like a cunt.

Anonymous said...

"Kansas City Producer Hooks Up Grunge Punk Metal Bands With Free Studio Time"

Producer, eh? How much was his last royalty check? Uh Huh! That is what I thought!