Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Kansas City Toy Train Streetcar Hypes Summer Tourist Ryders Despite Breakdowns

Here's a quick peek at hype from the toy train that touts sketchy data that's not independently verified and hopes to ignore no less than a half dozen FULL STOPS for the line so far along with the mostly empty morning commute.

Still, the tourist success is worth touting if only to keep all the consultants happy with something to promote via social media.



In the two months since opening day, the KC Streetcar has carried more than 380,000 passengers.

Some other ridership statistics include:

- During Opening Day weekend, 32,326 people rode the streetcar.

- During the month of June, 182,248 people rode the streetcar.

- During the July 4th weekend, 30,391 people rode the streetcar.

- As of July 5, 2016, the KC Streetcar has a daily average ridership of 6,365.

For more propaganda, visit the Streetcar website or The Star. Same difference


Anonymous said...

No one believes the shit Johnson, Staubio, and Gerend are serving up except their brain lemming followers.

Anonymous said...

Worlds of Fun has way more "riders" at their amusement park, and it's no even free.
How do the streetcar numbers compare to buses along the same route?
When are the monthly financial statements for the streetcar operation going to be released to the public?
How long can the breathless hype about an amusement park ride continue?
Are the 316 people who voted to approve this #120 million city expenditure still happy with their decision?
Facts can be stubborn things.

Anonymous said...

Crow is hard to swallow.

Anonymous said...

I don't care how many times you ride the damn thing, you aren't going to get your money's worth.

Anonymous said...

Counting rides is kind of like counting click throughs, doesn't mean much except someone satisfied a curiosity, now if they show it helps business substantially, after tourism height of summer, then we will evaluate.

How come you get the feeling every time that they are doing funny math while pretending that some metric that doesn't really address how do we get transported around KC, it isn't the streetcar, and I thought the number was 150 million and counting. Lets see also the KCPL contract.

KC reality said...

Streetcar is a scam.

Anonymous said...

Take a ride and maybe the mayor will give you a kiss?

Anonymous said...

Shit, with 24 million tourist a year flocking to our fair city (yes --- twice as many as London gets), there are never any empty seats on the new municipal choo-choo. Millions of upscale Americans bring their families to Kansas City, the Paris of the Plains (which gets gazillions more tourist than that cheese-eating other Paris) to enjoy our vibrant and creative local culture. That's why every picture you see of the toy train shows the sidewalks overflowing with well-dressed visitors and locals.