Monday, July 25, 2016

Kansas City Taxpayers Paid For It: Let's Celebrate Horrible Toy Train Streetcar Art

An even bigger self-indulgence than the $100 MILLION line intended to create "vibrancy" while the rest of this town endures fewer cops on the street and continued deferred maintenance when it comes to infrastructure. Checkit: Attention Riders: Enjoy The Art At Kansas City's Streetcar Stops Before It Goes Away


Anonymous said...

A truly imaginative effort by the KC millenial creative class, but still nowhere near the powerful impact of the guy who lies on the floor of WalMarts in a body bag.
It's little wonder that KCMO has designated itself the arts capital of the US, and perhaps of the entire civilized world.
A stationary AND a 2-mile streetcar!
What else could modern man possibly wish for?

Anonymous said...

This is bizarre. Shame on KCUR for writing about it when there are some many important things that deserve press coverage in this City. Next time KCUR is whining for money, I will remember how they waste their efforts on this crap.