Friday, July 22, 2016

Kansas City Tamale Kitchen Especial

Other than Kathy Quinn and other unfortunate mugshots . . . This is pretty much the only time I've seen Latinos in the local media in the past two weeks, so I'm posting it: The Tamale Kitchen turns tradition into self-sufficiency


Super Dave said...

Traditionally home made tamales are very good and I enjoy having them. Just hate the part they contain so much fat. But if you have never had any then you really must try some, they are well worth seeking out.

Super Dave said...

It appears that wile tamales might have some bad for you they off some good as well, I guess the word here is eat in moderation.

While tamales can contain high amounts of fat and sodium, they also provide a wealth of essential vitamins and minerals that support good health. Incorporate them into your diet occasionally to take advantage of their nutritional benefits.
Sara Ipatenco