Friday, July 08, 2016

Kansas City Swimming Pools Reported Nasty

More danger outdoors as the neighborhood watering hole is pretty much an open-air public toilet. Take a look: Inspections find disease, mold at area swimming pools


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


After being discovered adrift at sea, Sophie welcomes her rescuers and prepares to be boarded!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bring back brain eating amoebas!

No surprise here said...

Disease in a suburban swimming pool. Imagine that.

Anonymous said...

Gillham Park pool is probably the worst of the worst.
Poorly trained staff ,water not monitored properly.
The slabs area is a late night party spot ,so there is always broken glass from the night before.
Calls about late night behavior gets no response from Parks and Rec.
Not unusual to find used syringes near the pool or play ground.
The City needs to bulldoze the dilapidated pool , defunct fountain and the graffiti covered restrooms.
The pool is disgusting

Anonymous said...

Well there you have it folks. The EPA doesn't go swimming.