Friday, July 01, 2016


A chat with a Golden Ghetto Mayor starts this GOLD STANDARD political discussion show for the last remaining voters in the Kansas City metro.

Still, these are the most informed and influential people among the declining electorate and professional class, providing a peek at their news & views . . .

Check the topics up for debate that we gladly and stupidly introduce . . .

Considering The Highly Unlikely Possibility That Kansas Will Turn To The Democratic Party For Answers

"Pundits and pollsters are predicting a Democratic (or a moderate Republican) resurgence in the Kansas Primary and general elections. What effect will the protracted controversies of the Brownback administration have on the conservative Republican reign in the Sunflower state? Do you see dramatic changes coming to the Kansas political scene?"

Talking The Rock Chalk Public Education FAIL Teachable Moment!!!

"In Kansas, there's discussion of a constitutional amendment to limit the court's authority in school finance issues. Even lawyers are divided over the merits of a totally independent judiciary versus greater judicial accountability. On which side of this question will we find you?"

Kansas City Congressman Cleaver Fires Off Quotes Amid Great Gun Control Debate

Republicans say the U.S. House "sit-in" was simply a stunt---a fund-raising ploy by House Democrats. Congressman Cleaver described the event this way: "The last 24-hours I've been more proud to have been a Democrat than I have in all of my previous public life." Is his pride justified?

And then there's roasts and toasts that were mostly polite but still worth a look for a great anti-gun-control fact check.

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

This panel was ever so close to the desired 3 conservative to 1 liberal panel configuration. There were two strong conservatives (Steve Mirakian and Ron Freeman) for the first time that I can remember. And the two liberals (Lisa Johnston and Mike Sanders) were both articulate, thoughtful, and willing to critique those on both sides of the aisle. Naturally, Shanin was excellent as usual.

A top notch group overall. All well-spoken and intellectual. Good discussion and some passionate exchanges.

For those boycotting, I’d recommend a boycott hiatus this week as the panel was very balanced. From my perspective, this is best panel in quite some time and definitely worth watching.

Greedo said...

Steve Mirakian was ON FIRE!

Damn impressive comments towards the end.

Anonymous said...

The Congress sit in was stupid. Congress... sitting in... against themselves. Yeah, next time I want to lose some weight, I'll stab myself for eating cake. That's about how effective that sit-in demonstration was.

Anonymous said...

Mirakian is a great 2nd amendment advocate. Totally disagree with him about Trump ruining the Republican party, though.

Sanders stood alone on positive comments for the sit-in. He gets the prize for the biggest miss of the night.

Anonymous said...

Sanders got the 2nd amendment issue correct, 85% of America agrees with him. But Cleaver's stunt was childish. This was maybe the BEST panel all year IMO. This crew ought to be the regulars.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^Considering the source of this recommendation, it sounds like a must see.

Anonymous said...

Not bad for Shanin, he's finally getting the hang of it!

Anonymous said...

So what if it was a stunt? It could be argued that all congressional events are publicity stunts. That doesn't make it less valid. The GOP can't ignore the fact that most Americans want some reasonable restraint on guns and to curb this epidemic of gun violence. They can't ignore the importance of citizens voices forever no matter how powerful the tiny loud minority of the gun lobby may be.

Anonymous said...

7:52, that was exactly Sanders point until Mirakian went full retard. Honestly, a great group, except when Freeman would forget what he was saying. I think the guy is just nervous. I will start watching the show regularly if that is the quality of talking heads. In past weeks, my least favorite ruckettes are Garza, Mary and McInerney. This group may be my favorite. Sandres, Johnston and Mirakian are all very solid. Freeman can be good, but can also whiff.

Anonymous said...

Ruckus Weekly Review Boycott Lifted Because This Was A Good Program and BALANCED for a change!

....that weekly roughhousing for thought fight over the news of the day and the trends of the time, where the PUGILISTS knock heads and throw punches in the battle of political punditry.

Lisa Johnston, Ph.D.; Columnist/Political Consultant, former university administrator, 2010 and 2012 Kansas Democratic Party political candidate. (Personal Note: Johnston is perhaps the most reasonable Democrat to ever appear on the Ruckus program.)

Ron Freeman; Motivational Speaker, former college and professional athlete, former executive director of the Kansas Republican Party.

Mike Sanders; Attorney and erstwhile former Democrat Jackson County Executive who fled like a hobo skipping town on a night train.

Steve Mirakian; Attorney, West Point - U.S Military Academy graduate, elite Republican guard, legal scholar.

Now, shake hands, return to your corners, and at the sound of my first topic come out swinging wildly!
(By now, TKC readers should have taken their reserved seats ringside as Mike Shanin says, "Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!")

Candice Swanepoel "Throws In The Towel" announcing ROUND 1 in the buff -- KS Moderates Stalk Conservatives / School Finance Saved By The Bell
Jessica Burciaga "Buckles" Audience Knees with ROUND 2 card -- Governing Body Rules Judiciary A Haymaker
Denise Milani Reminds "Go To The Body" in ROUND 3 -- Democrats Throw Sucker Punch Squatting On House Canvas

HIGHLIGHT REEL (there were several nice jabs tonight)
13:30 mark Mirakian -- "Well, I've said many times, I think the KS Supreme Court decisions with regard to the school case were completely inappropriate and a gross overreach, because it is not the function of the judiciary to be micromanaging the manner in which funds are spent or the amount of funds that are appropriated." BRILLIANT!!

Anonymous said...


18:00 mark Mirakian -- "There are a number of cases, in my opinion, in the past decade where the U.S Supreme Court has shown this politically ideological split, which I think is extremely unfortunate for the American people. What I want to see is the judges adhering to the Constitution and making decisions based upon the law and the Constitution, and not their political ideology. What I see now is that you can predict every case by ideology."

19:35 mark Freeman -- "I think what it shows (Cleaver) is he's a politician. He's not in it because he wants to do the right thing. The fact that you're using the House of Representatives for a fundraising tool is a clear violation of House ethics. If they can get away with it politically they'll continue to do it. I think there will be a price for it. It's like a kid throwing a temper tantrum. He's not a leader, he's a follower." BRAVO!!

22:25 mark Mirakian -- "This was an appalling stunt. Here we have John Lewis, who fought with Martin Luther King, suggesting that what we should do is take away the due process rights of people by putting them on the no-fly list, and then we're going to use that as the basis for depriving them of their 2nd Amendment rights. This is appalling! It's appalling to me that Cleaver and Lewis and others, who fought for civil rights, and dedicated their lives to it, are standing there saying basically that only some civil rights count. That is appalling! If we're going to have gun control, we'll have gun control within the limits of the 2nd Amendment. We don't take away 2nd Amendment rights because we think you don't need those rights. Lewis and Cleaver should be ashamed of themselves! They did a disservice to Martin Luther King, a disservice to the Civil Rights Movement, a disservice to Americans!" This is one of the best passages I've ever heard delivered on Ruckus. Mirakian loves the Constitution.

Sanders goes to Boy Scout camp and toasts a marshmallow.

Johnston roasts inaccurate national pollsters.

Mirakian further roasts Cleaver and other House Democrats for their hypocrisy and disregard for the Constitutional rights of those they disagree with. The 2nd Amendment is a promise, not a suggestion. So here's my compromise....I'll give up my 2nd Amendment right to own guns and ammunition when you give up your 1st, 5th, and 14th Amendment rights....after all, how much freedom do you need to speak and protest, or to worship as you please, or to have a fair trial, or for racial equality? How much do you really need?

Freeman toasts Pat Summit, recently passed coaching legend of Tennessee women's basketball program. 100 percent of the women who went through her basketball program graduated from college, an unheard of accomplishment!

That's all folks, it's now time to CROWN Mirakian and Freeman as CHAMPION RINGMASTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There already are "Reasonable Gun Control" measures on the books and in effect. News alert, THEY DON'T WORK!!! THEY NEVER WILL WORK!! EVERYBODY including the ones proposing even more controls KNOWS THEY NEVER WILL WORK.

Gun control measures are only used to disarm law abiding citizens as they are the only ones who pay attention to the laws. There wasn't a black child killed in Chicago this year by a legal weapon. All the deaths in the Kansas City Ghetto this year were not provided by law abiding citizens rather childish gang bangers who I'm surprised can find the safety on their gun let alone flip it off, are providing you with the deaths that Cleaver is telling you these laws will help stop. He knows full well the laws will have no effect. You see, and this may be a big shocker to you, Cleaver is a Liar. And as his lies generally primarily get black people killed, he's a racist too.

Anonymous said...

Actually, a large number of gun deaths are either suicide or murder of someone you know, such as a family member. You say it couldn't happen to you. Yes, accidents can happen and people also get mad as well as sad. It isn't always about gun death by a random person. Lots of innocent bystanders get killed. Lots of depressed people kill themselves, and lots of folks get mad at family or coworkers and kill them. This is often the way crime happens, it tends to not involve random strangers.

Anonymous said...

Anything about the up and coming streetcar extension election being rigged at this very moment while the public is distracted with other things?

Anonymous said...

Lisa J is a pretty much a lightweight and a VERY conservative demo if one at all. She is not much different than either Freeman or wing nut Mirakian on most issues of substance. Show is trending too far right to work as balanced IMO, if that really matters. Sanders stood alone, 4 v 1. BUT, this was a really good show. Good group. This panel is Shanin's best so far. I would sub Freeman for a more moderate and this panel would rock.

Anonymous said...

More shows like this, one of the best I've seen. It's nice to see a more honest conversation about the gun debate than what we get from the paper.

Anonymous said...

9:55 - you are dreaming if you think Lisa is a lightweight. From what I've seen she's informed and offers an intelligent perspective. Compare her contributions to the range of others from the liberal camp and you'll soon find that not too many others can do anything but parrot liberal talking points or offer trite comments with no substance.

I'm guessing you are angry that she didn't take up for Cleaver. But she very avidly argued on behalf of the KS court/judicial independence and noted Republicans were trying to kowtow to the NRA in service of money. Plus, I've never seen a panelist on Ruckus with such a detailed knowledge of polling internals and why some are way off base. I would hardly call her commentary far right or aligned with Mirakian and Freeman.

But, we can agree this was a good group and a panel that would be good to see again with or without a Freeman substitute.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone forcing you to read the reviews? Scroll bar much?

Anonymous said...

@9:43 - Absolutely correct. We need to focus on what is in front of us in KC, not worry about all of these state issues where KC has no say anyway.