Monday, July 04, 2016

Kansas City Link Blast Tonight!!!

One last look at all the important Kansas City links tonight for those interested in something other than patriotism expressed by way of small explosions. Checkit:

Dude Dies Amid KCP&L Crackdown
Man who received community's help paying electric bill dies
More Local Gunfire On The 4th
Shooting critically wounds one person at a large Fourth of July party
Newspaper Reports Presser From Last Week
Kansas City Museum is laying out a roadmap for mansion renovation
Check Your New Hipster Hangount
Mills Records' new store now open at 4045 Broadway, opening parties and shows slated for each weekend in July
Kansas City Home Team Stays Losing
Toronto's 4-run rally in 7th inning helps sink Royals
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

all the help for the op gentleman ,too late? shame ..our elderly should never be treated like this ,not in America!!

I rarely speak ill of our country,but no one who is truly needy and can't find for themselves should be fucked around like this. I'm not talking about welfare mooches and folks who can get out and make money..

we should be ashamed to treat our elderly and disabled the way we do in Merica

Anonymous said...

Umm, who do I talk to about maybe getting a refund then?

Anonymous said...

fuck if I just an average Joe,with an opinion.

your question is way over my pay grade

Anonymous said...

Mills Records probably has one bitter owner , perhaps handing over management to someone younger ,attractive female , with social skills should be the next step.
I believe the 3rd move will be selling from her trunk.

Anonymous said...

What a neoliberal wet dream. Community comes together to pay the electric bill and the old dude croaks?

Anonymous said...

Why are we subsidizing a museum that no one goes to in Northeast? Where are tax fighters like "News"dog Bushnell and Wears-wooden-glasses-but-hates-hipsters "professional" cartoonist Cryin Bryan on this one? Shouldnt't we spend that money on basic services and magically fixing the education system and increasing the police budget so that they can squander more money on take home cars, DUI checkpoints and billion dollar police stations the size of shopping malls?