Sunday, July 03, 2016


Polite conversation over hot button issues is the premise of this new KCPT series that offers locals a chance to calmly discuss their feeling in a manner that's so relaxed, politically correct and boring that we wonder if somebody stole all of the caffeine out of their coffee . ..

Check the description of this clip . . .

"In Midtown Kansas City pouring coffee and pulling up a chair at the Good Samaritan Project where we've convened six members of the Lesbian, Gay and Transgender community. It's three weeks after a mass killing at a gay nightclub in Orlando and exactly a year since the Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage."

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

A mass killing by and against another gay. Be clear.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The ruining of a nation by a select few that will do irreversible damage that will take many years to repair but never be fixed.

Anonymous said...

The toy train has driven God form ou lives, people. Wake up toot clunky.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^Good morning, trolley boy. Here you are perusing your favorite blog. Again.

chuck said...


There is zero proof that this MUSLIM TERRORIST, WHO PLEGDED ALLEGIANCE TO ISIS SEVERAL TIMES DURING 911 CALLS (that the DOG tried to redact, Jesus. The DOJ, is now a PR Bureau for Muslim Terrorists. How fucked up is this country?) had a single assignation with a single gay person according to the FBI and local Police.

This isn't a failure of Gun Control Laws or evil white people micro-aggressing innocent and discriminating against innocent Muslims you dumb fucks. It is a Terrorist Attack on exactly who Muslims hate the most. Gays. Gays in America are the crème de la crème of targets, a two-for deal that gets you twice as many virgins in paradise.

For fuck sakes, there are videos all over the internet of Muslims tossing gay people, tied to chairs, off of 10 story buildings.

There are many, many polls, taken, such as last year's PEW Report, which state, with no prevarications, that Muslims in America favor Sharia Law at a rate of 51%. In the Mid east they favor Sharia Law at a rate of 81%.

My guess, is that if you asked that same Muslims in America, over in the Mid East, if they favored Sharia Law, then you would hit that 81% mark dead on the money every time.

The solution, of course, as seen by this administration and the Democrat party, is to repopulate, as quickly as possible, through insane immigration and visa devices, legal and illegal, aided and abetted by the corrupt Federal Government, the entire nation with 3rd world, uneducated, unskilled violent immigrants, the worst of which, are Muslim adherents who will effect wholesale slaughter of any and everyone who does not bend the knee to allah, when they achieve hegemony by way of politics and population.

Anonymous said...

Chuck is a "traditional American". He hates everybody except his drinking buddies.

Wyatt Earp, Dodge City said...

^^^^^^^ You're just mad because your not one of them you loser. chuck does get long winded at times but he backs his facts, while you spew nothing but common bullshit. If being an American by standing behind what is right over what is wrong then I guess I am a traditional American as well.

Anonymous said...

Chuck brining knowledge to the low information voter one post at a time. Keep it up. More and more people are waking up to the Muslim threat.

chuck said...

The word "Hate" is just another Liberal dog whistle, bullshit attack against the truth and folks who believe in facts, not agitprop.

Hate is a good thing. n 732, at Tours, I imagine Charles Martel thought and rightly so, if he didn't stop these 90,000 Muslims heading east into Europe, then the West was done forever. He was on foot and full, full to the brim of Hate for the oppressor Muslim terrorists that had invaded Spain in 711 AD (Notice, please, that the architecture on the Plaza, from Spain, is Moorish.). Had he been inspired by our President and those too timid to even speak the names of the terrorists, then your wife, or wives, would be wearing a Burka, your son would stand a good chance of being a catamite and there would be an intifada on the family dog.

When Barack Obama went on his "Apology Tour" he invoked the atrocities of the "Crusades" again and again. His knowledge of history is comparable to his knowledge of the Constitution. Selective and incomplete. The fucking Crusades were an ad hoc response to the aggression of Muslims again and again which is still, to this day, unabated.

When your Muslim brothers took Constantinople in 1453, the first thing they did, after butchering all the Christians still left, was to ride their horses into the Hagia Sophia and burn all the greatest books from the Occident on the floor.

Hate is a good thing.

Yeah, my friends and I drink to the West, to the America that once was, before Dhimi, beta-male, Progressive, trigger warning, safe space pukes took over the country.

Anonymous said...

Fags aren't contented with just not being hated. They want to be able to do it on your front lawn and don't you dare object to it.

The Orlando killings was one drama queen going out with a bang and taking 49 others with him.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit, Chuckles is just a drunken, ignorant hater.

This attack had nothing to do with Islam. It was an act of homophobia from a closet queen.

Anonymous said...

11:08 ? Kidding right?

Anonymous said...

So who are the queers who want to talk about queers?

Anonymous said...

A sentiment appropriate to the occasion of another's superiority.

Anonymous said...

11:08 Chuck can always sober up. You will be stupid no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the KCPT LIBERAL DEMOCRAT LGBT Bandwagon!!!

Hop aboard, but remember, you're not allowed to express any opposing viewpoint.

What I heard:

Nick Haines, the wee Welshman, reports they've stopped in at The Good Samaritan Project in Midtown to visit with 6 members of the LGBT community. No heterosexuals allowed apparently, because their presence would clearly be a major-aggression.

A bald woman with nose ring and earlobe spacers tells of her exaggerated response to a man with an umbrella. WTF?

An effeminate man (?) with a wild hairdo reports that he goes to gay bars.....I'm shocked!

A man in a suit claims that bars in the LGBT community are the only safe sanctuary for members. "That is the one place in the world that we can go and truly be ourselves." WTF? May I suggest to everyone, regardless of your sexual identity, there are plenty of quality sanctuaries outside of bars.

A man in a suit, wearing glasses, decides to elicit sympathy with a gay-bashing recollection.

A woman in red and black, honestly admits that she's carrying on life as usual. She's the winner so far!

Bald woman, now self-identifying as "Trans-Man" reports that she/he doesn't feel comfortable even in gay bars.

A bearded man with glasses reports that he's pissed-off with the accounts of the other participants. "This wasn't supposed to happen to this generation."

Ok, now we've heard from all the participants. What did we learn?


But, KCPT was able to check off the "LGBT box" for the week.

Note: I've met one of these people in their workplace at a JoCo public institution and didn't know his sexual identity, never even thought about it, which is how it should be. I know him to be an excellent employee and manager, and sent a note of commendation to his supervisor. I respect this individual based upon their professionalism in the workplace.

Anonymous said...

And Chuck wins this thread, again.