Friday, July 22, 2016

Kansas City Joey Fisher Friday Morning

Brit hottie model Joey Fisher begins our journey to the weekend with a tease of her latest photo set as we review these morning links and rush to start Friday morning. Take a peek:

Fatal Kansas City Friday Morning
One dead after motorcycle crash near Buck O'Neil Bridge
Kansas City Firebug Caught On Video
Video catches man deliberately lighting SUV on fire
Morning Confrontation Resolved
Suspect in custody following standoff in KCK
Meth Town Service Complete
Independence police Chief Tom Dailey retires after 37-year career
Show-Me Sen. Claire's Drug Snoop Effort
New Law Provides Funds For Missouri Localities To Set Up Drug Monitoring Systems
Now It's Hillary's Turn
On the Trail: Missouri delegates look ahead to the Democratic National Convention
McTavish Makes The Weekend List
6 Pop Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

What are her views on unsolicited bulk email?

Anonymous said...

Jeez at this rate Tony might actually become a candidate for a position at the Star.

Around The Town by Tony B!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Absolutely sure he's not interested. They don't like butts as much as he seems to.

Anonymous said...

"Independence police Chief Tom Dailey retires after 37-year career"

Right. Another KCPD reject hired by IPD. He goes on to run a department whose officer damn near kills a citizen and then lies about the facts until the Feds step in and throw the crooked cop in prison. Lets honor this guy and let him know how much we appreciate thugery in blue.

There are too damn many good and honorable officers and departments to be tossing kudos at this guy.

Anonymous said...

Ever notice how Brian never lists the Yuk Yuk Shop as a place to go on the weekends?