Thursday, July 07, 2016

Kansas City Jazz District Vote Delayed

TKC TOLD YOU SO . . . All show-downs are anti-climactic . . . KC leaders postpone vote on 18th & Vine revitalization project


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Will somebody torch this fucking black pit before the city wastes any more white peoples money on it?

Anonymous said...

"Vital to the city and brings in tourism".
What in the world are these people smoking?
Or maybe it's just the KCMO government KoolAid.
What a joke.

Jungle Jim said...

Bottomless shit hole describes the "Jazz District". Nobody but winos and crack whores frequent that smelly turd.

Anonymous said...

Jungle Jim, you are full of shit! It is not that bad. My daytime trips have been cool and calm, by night, even catching a bus, not that bad, just a bit of a walk. The Lyric Opera is not that far of a starting point, so, if I can walk it rain or snow , heat or rain, day by night'll be fine. Yellow jackets, do your thing, and's rough, but worth it....I am just that badass.