Thursday, July 14, 2016

Kansas City Election Time Ruckus!!!

This week Kansas City's GOLD STANDARD POLITICAL DEBATE SHOW takes a look at the big picture and focuses on election year politics and struggles in Missouri and Kansas to cope with harsh economic times.

Check the description . . .

"Mike Shanin interviews David Von Drehle, Time magazine's editor-at-large, about this year's race for president. Then Terry Riley, Mary Anne Murray Simons, Woody Cozad and Gwen Grant weigh in on the upcoming Republican and Democratic conventions, the battle over voter ID in Missouri and how the Kansas Supreme Court will respond to the new school finance plan."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

They gotta start evening out these panels.

Anonymous said...

Not sure any of these people have a clue what the Kansas Supreme Court will do. Not even the legislators know and that's part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody watch or care about this show anymore? Change in format and losers on the panel make for boring TV.

Dak said...

^^^ I thought they were going to spice it up but it seems like they've fallen back into the old formula with the same old guests.

Anonymous said...

Ruckus' sell-by date was sometime in around 2001.
Tired, boring, sad.
Just a chance for a few over-the-hill politicos and consultants to make believe they're still relevant.
Doesn't PBS have any good cartoons?

Anonymous said...

Total Losers, all of them! And I'm a Dem. Get some new blood!

Anonymous said...

I'm on the edge of my seat to see what Terry Riley has to say. Is he still lobbying to save Wayne Cauthen, or has he put himself to sleep with his babbling. Although, Wayne was not as much of an incompetent ass hole as Schulte is.

Anonymous said...


Update On The Ruckus 2016 YTD Panelist Composition

Of the 24 episodes, through and including Thursday July 14, sixteen have featured a panel skewed 3-to-1 favoring Democrats (67 percent). Eight episodes featured a balanced 2-to-2 panel (33 percent). And exactly ZERO episodes featured a Republican and/or Libertarian dominated panel (0 percent).

The following women, expressing Democratic Party views, have been guests on the Ruckus panel in 2016:
Mary Anne Murray Simons
Cynthia Wheeler
Mary O'Halloran
Lisa Johnston
Gwen Grant
Theresa Garza
Jamekia Kendrix

The following women, expressing Republican Party views, have been guests on the Ruckus panel in 2016:
Annie Presley

That's an astounding 7-to-1 bias in favor of those women espousing Democratic Party policies.

No matter what your personal political persuasion may be, if any at all, shouldn't KCPT be attempting to present discussions from a balanced perspective? Doesn't everyone respect a level playing field?

I ask everyone reading this comment to withhold contributions to KCPT until this glaring inconsistency is remedied. Additionally, please feel free to contact KCPT management and bring this matter to their attention once again. If the Kansas City Star can be forced to retract the comments of a Midwest Voices writer expressing her views on rape prevention, then Ruckus viewers are wholly capable of forcing KCPT management to operate in a fair and ethical manner when presenting political themed discussions.

I thank readers in advance for their attention to this issue.

Anonymous said...

The kc chatterbox show is just another example of why our city is going to Hell.

Anonymous said...

If you want an equal balance of liberal & conservative viewpoints, watch Faux News, because they are "Fair & Balanced" (snicker).

It's like debating the existence of god: We can't, because there isn't one.

Anonymous said...

Even Yael Abouhalkah wont appear on Schmuckus anymore! Enough said!

Anonymous said...

Time for the aging host to become a footnote in KCPT history. He and the show look like the living dead. Very unseemly!

chuck said...

Makes a good point.

Anonymous said...

Of course Gwen "look at my hair hat and fake nails" Grant rambled on and on in her "roast" cutting into everybody else's time. If she didn't have a vagina (that's iffy) she'd have a bounty on her.

Anonymous said...

The Branson of broadcasting comes through again with content that steals the ratings.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, you want people to stop supporting Public Television because you're mad at the Ruckus Producers?

What about the English Dramas & Comedies I enjoy? American Television is stupid.

The PBS Newshour, the only sane news report on television?

Anonymous said...

I think they do a decent job for what the show is. It could be worse, it could be an all liberal gab fest like MSNBC.

Anonymous said...

10:17 comment, I concur.

When considering this topic, just ask yourself, "what if the situation was reversed, with Ruckus featuring 2/3 of episodes with Republicans dominating, 1/3 balanced, and none featuring a Democrat dominated panel?"

Wouldn't plenty of Democrats be screaming prejudice, political bias, even racism to the KCPT managers? I think they would. And I think the KC Star, and other Democratic Party media would be publicly complaining about the lack of Democrats having a chance to air their views.

But many who support Democratic Party views are hypocrites in this way, and I'm including many of the people who appear on Ruckus.

Anonymous said...

Yes and they often go overboard to censure free speech or stack the deck when any opinion comes along that doesn't agree and toe the libtard line.

Anonymous said...