Sunday, July 10, 2016

Kansas City Dead Tree Media Think Piece Considers Bloody Summer 2016

When the Star isn't "slut-shaming" and then standing down, they are giving advice about state of the world . . . Here's a guide to most of what we've seen on cable TV with very little local insight. Checkit: Fear of cops, and fear for them, fuels a cruel summer


Anonymous said...

It's written that Hilly is trying for "white shaming", and said to be doing so, intent on securing black votes. Washington Times 2 days ago and in other 2015/2016 articles cover her various talks on "white privilege" themes. Google: Clinton white privilege tax.

Newt is echoing, somewhat, a Hilly brand of "whitey's wicked ways". That's a clear departure for his earlier criticisms of race blames. He may have pushed his chances off selection for the veep spot, but we'll see if "outsider" Trump is ALL IN with General FLYNN, instead.

Anonymous said...

No need to fear cops if you are not a criminal. Be a respectable human being during any traffic stop and you will live to tell about it.