Saturday, July 09, 2016


Credit where it's due . . . A march in urban core Kansas City seemed to strike the perfect tone amid a week of tragic violence throughout the nation.

A snippet of their mission statement and a brief off-topic lament that the totally hilarious Black Jesus never found an audience . . . Here's what organizers had to say . . .

"We must speak out against the killings of Black men within our society, as well as grieve with police officers and families across the nation. We must come together if we are to heal from this brokenness."

The march was an overwhelming success.

Check the MSM roundup . . .

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Credit where it's due . . .

Amazing turnout and heartfelt activism defined this gathering.

Still, more cynical denizens who have been watching local murder stats might praise this kind of advocacy but realize that people with good intentions uniting in faith really aren't the problem when it comes to increasing local and national violence.

While it's fair to express cynicism that Kansas City denizens will somehow see the light and stop killing each other and the deep political and cultural divisions in the U.S. can be healed . . . The real "news" regarding this march might be that so many locals are still willing to take the the streets in hope of a miracle.

You decide . . .


Yobogoya said...

The killing stopped for one night. Remember two weekends ago and there were 15 shootings and two murders.

If they can keep the peace for a weekend, then they might have done their job.

Anonymous said...

God Bless them for trying.

3rd said...

Praise the Lord and pass the collection plate.

Remember TKC, the last Rev. to hold office in city hall was shamed by the media for a sexting scandal and choking his assistant with a belt. That cost this city hundreds of thousands of dollars. The revs say lots of nice things but they also support a lot of silliness like the earnings tax and some of the worst candidates KC has ever seen.

Anonymous said...

And after the latest in an endless stream of "heartfelt activism", tweets, and local television interviews, these folks will congratulate themselves about how much they care and "at least they've done something", when, actually of course, nothing has or will change.
Instead of using every event around the country as excuses to protest and march, even though that apparently is all you know how to do, these activists would be much better advised to focus on KCMO, their own community, and address the fact that a small portion of it suffers from multiple shootings and at least two murders EVERY SINGLE WEEK OF THE YEAR.
And, because there's so little cooperation with the police, less that half of the homicides are ever solved, year after year.
How about some conversations with officials and police, identify some neighborhoods or even blocks to start in, and involve residents in helping to clear the bad guys off the streets?
Of course, that takes working to learn enough about what's going on to be able to make specific proposals and recommendations, and a lot more time than a couple hours marching around after events in other parts of the country.
But countless marches, vigils, protests, and tweets have no lasting impact on violence, crime, or police behaviors whatsoever.
They're about as hopeless as the request at the end of each tv report to "Call the TIPS Hotline".
Meanwhile, more east side residents leave.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine what will happen to this country if Hillary is President. The cops will be blamed for everything. As well as white people.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

So I'm getting the feeling that the only way to get people in kcmo to protest crime is to show what happens in other cities. Because they damn sure don't protest what happens here

Anonymous said...

Just keep those meaningless "thoughts and prayers" coming.

Anonymous said...

to pander to their base, Democrats to make "Cop Killa" their 2016 campaign theme song

Anonymous said...

Hillary is just what America DOES NOT Need.

Super Dave said...

Vigils and marching around for a couple of hours is the lazy way out of dealing with the issues. But it always creates a lot of media coverage, but that same media a week later doesn't return to ask what has been done all week long about their so call passion to change things. I have not seen a Democrat yet the past few hours offer anything but repeated negative talk about guns and racists cops.

I don't like to think I am becoming a racists but when I see the works, lies and clown media acts of Hillary, Obama, Cleaver, DOJ, BLM, James, Forte, Butler, Willams, Elzie, McKesson, Sharpton, Mean Jean and the list goes on and on of those who can't accept the black race has issues that need to be fixed. This finger pointing is getting old and people are getting tired of it. One white on black murder is a major national news story. Where is the outrage for the daily occurring black on white murders?
George Taylor, 80
Ann Taylor, 86
Susan Choucroun, 69
Lorene Hurst, 88
Darrel Hurst, 63
A black male kills the above five white people in Kansas City, MO. The same suspect is accused of murdering two white teenagers in 1998. Did Obama come to Kansas City for their funerals? Did he order the DOJ to get right on this crime? No, it was white lives and he could have cared less. Has this black killer even go to court and been put to death yet for his crimes? Brandon B. Howell is still living, getting fed three times a day and gets to visit family while all his victims are still very dead and their families can never visit them again. Mean Jean don't want to have to be known as the white lady who got a black man committed to a death penalty.

Now did thousands of white people take to the streets in protest marches over these killings? Did white people head into any black area and start sniper shooting blacks? Did predominate white people get on media yelling for a halt to all this black on white crime? No they didn't. Maybe it's time we did. Maybe it's time for white people to start their own group, maybe call it, "Whites Tired of Injustice"

Anonymous said...

One warning travellers should take heed of is to avoid Chicago (Obama's home town) if at all possible.

cml said...



Anonymous said...

When is America going to get enough of this coon bullshit?

Anonymous said...

Who kills more black men? Cops or other black men?

How does Hillary Clinton win the election with this shit going on? Trump is going to win by default.

Anonymous said...

Well said Super Dave +1

I nespically like -
"... accept the black race has issues that need to be fixed."

until that is acknowledged, it will continue.

Anonymous said...

Complain about faith all you want, but rest assured that the Kansas City Atheshit Coalition will have no relevant comment whatsoever.

Or any other contribution.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The real lesson here, you can keep faith in your heart all the time but we need to take that good energy and see how we can use it effectively in places outside of the church.

Just my 2 cents.

Jeffrey McDonald said...

The only "march' that is taking place, is our collective "march" up the hill to Golgotha.

The American suicide continues.

I am still dead, in a black on white Hate Crime that no one "marched" over, because I was white.

Anonymous said...

Probably somebody looking for another grant.

Anonymous said...

Like what kind of issues?

Animal instincts?

No respect for life?

The GIBSME culture?

Demonstrably lower IQs?

Being non-human?

How can those issues be addressed? Deportation or extermination!

Don't worry about "becoming" racist Superdave, you were already one of us. One who realizes we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad they dont shoot and kill more clergy. Police need to up their game.

Jeffrey McDonald said...

Sweet Baby Jesus, We Should All Hate Blacks for the Horror, the destruction, the blood shed, but, we don't.

We all watch the Liberal News and pretend that there is solution.

Genetics really do matter.

Blacks, with few exceptions, are, intellectually inferior.

It is what it is.

Democrats, make their living, on the lie, the pretense that white people hate blacks.

At this point in time, come on, there is no one in the world, who doesn't know the truth.


Here is the truth.

America is fucked, because black people are stupid.

Wish I had better news.

I am dead, oh, that's right, u don't care, I am white.

Anonymous said...

Bernie Sanders really is the best candidate of three available for President. The other two represent the spawn of evil.

Anonymous said...

Everybody knows that black crime is the problem.

Anonymous said...

Every American Should watch this.

Anonymous said...

All this hate can bring a buzz down.... Whew!

Anonymous said...

Yeah if it's BLM and bitching about cops it's perfectly legit. If it's about black crime it's hate. Typical libtard view.

Anonymous said...

Protest fine. Get your ass out and fucking vote. All your asses at the vigils or marching won't go and fucking vote. You are full of shit. You don't know what you are fighting for. You don't even care about your own people. You just want to be on tv or take selfies for YouTube or Facebook. You don't care about anyone but yourselves.