Friday, July 01, 2016

Jordan Starts The Kansas City 4th Of July Weekend Link Blast Right Now!!!

Jordan Carver is a German hottie but right now she signifies everything great about our Democracy . . . Accordingly, check out last KCMO link blast of the day.

Kansas City Suicide Crime Solution
Belton murder suspect kills himself during police search
Celebrate Industry Mag Hype
Fortune again names Burns & McDonnell a top company for Millennials, Gen Xers to work for
Cowtown Dream Of Home Ownership Dies
More Americans are renting, including people living in Kansas City
Another Lesson In Great Expectations
New KCPS Superintendent Wants To Change Attitudes And Increase Expectations
Fanboys Fear Championship Counterfeiting
KC couple lose seat at Royals game after ticket duplicated
Drinking Down Sunflower State FAIL
Report: Nearly 70 Kansas Water Systems Violate EPA Lead Rules
Taste Local Diversity
In light of Turkey terror attack, Kansas City Methodists and Muslims join for Ramdan meals, prayers
Early Start For Kansas City Rugrats
KCPS announces free Pre-K programming for 1,100 students
Corporate Signage Push Back
Vandals tag KCK Chick-Fil-A billboard with graffiti, costing company thousands in damage
Fried Bread And Circuses For The Youngster Kansas City Sheeple
Huge crowds line up to grab a donut from Joe Jonas
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Jordan is raising a salute in my pants

Anonymous said...

Fuck Diversity.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I almost lost my underals when that young babe got excited and grabbed my long john. I might have gotten lucky if I hadn't farted and damn near crapped in my britches.