Friday, July 08, 2016

Joey And The Kansas City Link Look!!!

Joey Fisher hotness marks our return to the Kansas City Friday discourse with a few local links worth a peek. Checkit:

Local Investigative Effort
Kansas City ATF agents head to Dallas for shooting investigation
More Reax From Politicos
KC officials react to police ambush in Dallas
Show-Me More Missouri Danger For Police
Missouri Police Officer Shot In Neck; Suspect In Custody
Sunflower Self-Defense Stays Losing
Kansas Concealed Carry Applications Drop in 2016 Fiscal Year - Kansas City infoZine
Token Gesture From Power Giant
KCP&L passes out dry ice to customers without power
Cowtown Conspiracy Aftermath
Kansas City Man Sentenced for Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering Conspiracies - Kansas City infoZine
Cruel Cowtown Captivity Nomenclature
KC Zoo's newest Orangutan and Chimpanzee officially have names
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Joey makes me feel just a little bit better about Federer's loss today.

Anonymous said...


Went to the dog park and this "bitch" started humping my leg. I told her to sit in my lap!!!!!!!!!!

BADA BOOM!!!!!!!!!

Hey seriously folks, I'm reminded of some sacred text:

Give a man a Fisher and you'll feed him for a day
Teach a man to attract Fishers and you'll satisfy him for a lifetime.

(or something like that)

....and remember to tip your dog park attendant.

Anonymous said...

"Sunflower Self-Defense Stays Losing"

Man what a well researched story. I guess the fact that a CCW permit is no longer required in Kansas has nothing to do with a drop in permit applications? Jesus dude. What are you smoking.