Thursday, July 14, 2016

JoCo Congressman Yoder Closed Captioned Campaign Adverts Talk Funding For Veterans

Here's why this advert from the JoCo Congressman might be newsworthy . . . He's virtually unopposed and holds one of the biggest campaign war chests in the 4 state area . . . However, he's taking on the issue of Veteran's benefits. Yes, it's a white hat issue but one that's often overlooked amid a contentious culture war Presidential election cycle.

Check the presser and you decide . . .

Yoder for Congress Campaign Releases New Television Ad: "Defending Our Heroes"

Today, Congressman Kevin Yoder's re-election campaign released their second television ad of the 2016 election cycle. "Defending Our Heroes" will begin running on broadcast and cable beginning today, July 13th in the Kansas City media market. The spot features Army Veteran, Staff Sergeant Zeke Crozier of Lenexa, KS, who survived a helicopter crash in Afghanistan in 2011. Following the crash, Crozier spent more than a week in a coma and during that time doctors feared he would not survive. Crozier has not only survived, but made a miraculous recovery and has since spent his time serving his fellow veterans and his community. Congressman Yoder assisted Crozier in obtaining his VA benefits and Crozier's much deserved Purple Heart.

"As the representative to the Third District of Kansas, there is nothing I take more pride in than working to get my constituents the help they need," Congressman Yoder said. "I am grateful to Zeke and all our men and women in uniform who risk so much protecting our great nation. It is my privilege to assist our veterans when they return home."

Of note, the campaign also released a version of the ad that includes the closed captioning feature typically not included with advertisements. Congressman Yoder represents the Kansas School for the Deaf in Olathe and served as the commencement speaker last year. Yoder is also the Co-Chair of the Bipartisan Congressional Deaf Caucus and since 2011, has served on the Board of Trustees at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC, a federally-chartered private university for the education of the deaf.

"The deaf community is an important community in the Third District and I work hard to represent them in Washington," Yoder said. "It was very meaningful to me to be able to include the captioning feature when we developed this ad and we will be including it on all ads moving forward."

Take a look:

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Anonymous said...

Vote Yoder.

Anonymous said...

If any of these politicians had a clue about VA benefits they would know the problem isn't about money. The problem is fucking bureaucrats, bureaucracy and the complete non essential bullshit the money is being spent on rather than health care. Given that damn near any major surgeries are farmed out by the VA the government could save billions by simply allowing veterans to take the medicare payment rates and go to a real practitioner.

As it stands the VA is a great place to get flu shots and very basic medical attention, but they will do everything possible to make it impossible to receive adequate treatment for the shit that will eventually kill you and you can not do a fucking thing about it. Uncle Sugar has built a wall around the bureaucrats and the tax payers have paid for it.

Anonymous said...

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