Saturday, July 23, 2016

Jackson County Democrats Bash Trump And Promote Upcoming Hillary 'Positivity'

Locals share their view of the recent GOP extravaganza in this missive that looks forward to the upcoming Democratic National Convention and the crowning of Hillary Clinton.

We highlighted the most interesting passage.


Local Democratic Leaders React to Conclusion of RNC

As the Republican National Convention has now concluded, local Democrats are left questioning what this past week was about other than painting a dark, false picture of Republican’s view of America. Three days of bizarre occurrences ranging from votes being taken out of the hands of delegates and a plagiarized speech to a mock prosecution and suggestions that the Democratic nominee be executed concluded with a long, dark vision of the nation according to Donald Trump. Over the course of a speech running well over an hour, the Republican nominee listed a multitude of ways he feels citizens are under constant attack and victims of rampant lawlessness and danger. The only “solution” he managed to provide was that he and he alone is the only person who can solve every problem, real or imagined, our country faces and he will do it fast.

Jackson County Democratic Committee Chairman Tom Wyrsch watched Trump’s speech Thursday night and stated, “that had to be the most negative, nasty, and pessimistic acceptance speech in American history. What’s worse than listing problems that were misrepresented is that Trump couldn’t provide a single concrete plan he will work with should he be elected. ‘Believe me’ isn’t a plan.”

President Obama had similar thoughts this morning. "This idea that America is somehow on the verge of collapse, this vision of violence and chaos everywhere, doesn't really jibe with the experience of most people," Obama told reporters. Further, he added that we as voters don’t make good decisions when we act based on fears that don’t have basis in fact.

With the Democratic National Convention beginning next week, we can expect to see far more positivity and real-world solutions to the challenges facing America today from our nominee Secretary Hillary Clinton and a long list of prominent speakers. With the Vice President choice expected shortly, Democrats have reason to feel optimistic and proud as we inch closer to the November election. The American people prefer the party of inclusion, real plans for progress, and focusing on what unites us as opposed to fear mongering, divisiveness and empty promises.


Anonymous said...


Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Democrat positivity?
How many decades have they said republicans are going kill old people and burn black churches and poison the water etc etc etc
Now that they have a certified crook as a nominee I'm supposed to forget all the insults and slander? I know young people don't know how the democrat party has changed from a pro America party to what today can only be called, and rightly so, an anti america pro communists bunch of crackpots
You may not like trump, I get that
But don't tell me that democrats I've seen dirty years are not what they are

chuck said...

Hillary Clinton said this at the NAACP one day after the cops were killed in Baton Rouge.

"As president, l will bring the full weight of the law to bear and making sure those who kill police officers are brought to justice…And let’s admit it, there is clear evidence that African-Americans are disproportionately killed in police incidents compared to any other group. And African-American men are far more likely to be stopped and searched by police, charged with crimes and sentenced to longer prison terms than white men convicted of the same offenses. These facts tell us something is profoundly wrong. We can’t ignore that, we can’t wish it away."

The facts are mutually exclusive to every word she said.

The Democrat Party's number one priority, is to keep ignorant, violent blacks hating whitey and hating cops. The solid black vote, which always goes 97% to the Democrat politician must be angry and full of hate for America, cops and whites in general on voting day, for that same politician to get elected. Then, the payoff in terms of special set asides, Affirmative Action and thousands of pieces of legislation, all based on that malevolent bedrock of Black Racism, is inflicted on tax payers as the penalty.

Michael Brown, our newest American hero, thug piece of shit, will be honored at the convention and his mother will speak at the podium. The genesis of the Black Lives Matter movement, "Hands Up Don't Shoot" based on still another proven lie, will play a prominent role in the Democrat Convention.

The minority occupation government, fueled by hate, lies and violence will continue to run our country for the foreseeable future. The demographics and the cowardice of our Politicians guarantee it.

America, fucking hates you white boy. Really hates you.

chuck said...

Black people commit crimes at a wildly disproportionate rate, so the fact that they are arrested more often, is no surprise. I wonder if the Democrat Party Platform will review these facts, from the Liberal Washington Post.

"It is telling that the Washington Post has started collecting data on police shootings. In the process, they have discovered that 50% of police shootings in 2015 were white. Only 26% were black. This can hardly be called evidence of bias when one examines black involvement in crime rather than their representation in the general population, which is only 13%. Overall blacks were 62% of all robbery arrests, 57% of all murder arrests, and 45% of all assault arrests in the 75 largest U.S. counties in 2009. That pattern has been consistent for many years.

Moreover, the vast majority of the 258 black victims of police shootings in 2015 were armed. Those 258 victims were only a fraction of the roughly 6,000 blacks who were killed by other blacks in the same year."

Black dysfunction is a cancer that the Left ignores in order to make bank off of the dead, achieve sinecure in office, enlarge the Federal Government and move us all towards a one party system, a Progressive/Politically Correct, oligarchy.

Liberals, are Fascists.

Your children will NOT have free speech, the right to assembly, the right to bear arms and, if they are white, just look to Mercer's book, "Into The Cannibal's Pot" to see what will happen to them.

America, hates you white boy.

Anonymous said...

Fuck these dreamer libtards. They create a mess out of America and then go into denial and refuse to own it. If bullshit was rocket fuel the DNC clowns would have put NASA out of business...oh wait ...they damn near did so that coons could have more entitlements and Planned Parenthood could continue the "Educational" programs..

Anonymous said...

Tom Wyrsch? Yes we should all believe what he says. Can we take up a collection and pay him for his unbiased comments. Could we get a couple of hours of him telling us what is good for us every night on TV?

Amerikkka said...

Right, because bashing others is always positive. Got it!

Anonymous said...

I support Hillary Clinton!Trump must be defeated. He is a danger to America and the entire world.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks Trump will be a good President is just being willfully blind.

Even George Bush said, "I will be the last Republican President."

Did you people know that George speaks fluent Spanish?

As white people become increasingly the minority, racists like Chuck will become more & more marginalized. White people alone can no longer elect anyone just by themselves, so that insane ramblings like those offered by Chuck will become less & less relevant. America doesn't 'hate you white boy', but its damn tired of your holier than thou attitude.

Anonymous said...

12:22 The only guy who buys that shit is Tony, fags. mexshitcans, libtards and coons. The last eight years ought to teach you that you left wingers are all mouth and no accomplishment for the most part. It is also sooooo academic of you clowns to try and redefine what a racist is given the rhetoric flowing from the left.

Anonymous said...

They rigged it all against Burnie before it even started:

Anonymous said...

I can not fucking believe these dumb ass libtards who want to elect his airhead that panders to Micheal Brown's worthless parents, cant figure out what classified information is, is responsible for nothing she ever did, whose apathy lead to the Benghazi deaths, is responsible for forging an Iran deal that handed them billions to help finance their nuclear program that only they monitor, who preaches equality and has not named a single minority as vice presidential candidate or future cabinet, who received the DNC fix from that cunt Wasserman and calls Obama a great President.

Cindy Dy said...

Thank you for putting an effort to published this article. You've done a great job! Good bless!