Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hope Or Hype: Kansas City Chiefs Won't Suck (Again) This Season?!?

After on measly playoff victory — The first in a generation — Expectations are high this year among local NFL fanboys and the sports broadcast chattering class. Checkit: Are the Chiefs the safest pick to win the AFC West?


da' man said...

As negative about everything you are, Tony, this city and our sports teams, I find it amazing you're even still alive.

I would have thought that, after our Royals went all the way and won the World Series, I thought your head would have exploded.

Anonymous said...

You gotta give in order to get respect. Not just Operation Breakthrough.. This city is hurting. Show us some leadership and strength. We need it. Then they will win. They are empty suits. Soulless uniforms. Ticket holders with cash will care but the real heart of the city...? We don't even know your names. Just numbers. Dollar sign numbers. Play hard selfish outlaws.