Friday, July 01, 2016

Fear KU Med Rock Chalk Cancer Screw-Up!!!

These allegations are described as "explosive" by newsies who have far much faith in the medical industrial complex . . . Most local po'folk are accustomed to watching their loved ones die amid a broken healthcare system. You decide: Whistleblower Lawsuit Claims Misdiagnosis, Cover-Up At KU Hospital


Anonymous said...

North Kansas City Hospital over there off 210, has also done some shady shit,,,, I had an incident there back in 2010, that I later uncovered was phony as hell, it involved trying to get me into surgery for supposedly 2 stints, in my leg, that I later found out I never really needed as well as them attempting to get me on prescription blood thinners, which also was never needed.

NKC never would give me the full price of what the entire procedure was gonna cost, I later checked & researched and found out it was about $35,000 ,, and they were in a hurry to get me in,, like immediately,,,,, they said or I might die they said.

that was back in 2010 - I never went for the phony procedure and never took any prescriptions,,,, and today I'm feeling and doing just fine,, like nothing ever happened.

Doctors these days are like used car salesman, anything to make a quick buck, anyway they can get it to support their high lifestyle and pay for all their student loans, and fancy cars, big house, and Trophy wife with Fake tits and send little Jr. to Harvard even if it means lying to you about your health, anything to BILK your insurance company out of Mega Bucks,,,,, and you still end up in debt for your part to the phony doctor that insurance didn't pay,,,,,,

So, they lied to me to try to make a buck what it boils down to,,,, from my insurance company and me !!!

Beware everybody, do you really trust your Doctor, just because he is a Doctor ??????

Anonymous said...

so the patient has not yet and may never be told that he had unneeded surgery? Preposterous. Whatever medical authority regulates hospitals need to force them to fess up and refund any charges to say the least.

Anonymous said...

it was a woman,and I do believe it is my aunt the dr is talking about..even if it isn't,she got royally fucked over by them sounds like her tho.