Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ela And The Kansas City Link Pool

Ela Rose hotness inspires this quick peek at all the Kansas City mainstream media links worth a look right now. Dive right in . . .

Mayor Sly Talks Kansas City Killing
KC's James calls for a political offensive against 'slow motion mass murder'
Hip-Hop Can Save Kansas City
Local rapper hopes music video can inspire change
Local Crime Spreads To Meth Town
KC man charged in Independence shooting
Cowtown Tech Begging
Crowdfunding is finding fascinating uses in the Kansas City area
Artsy Urban Core Reporting
Gallery Stakes Claim To 'New Frontier' For Artists In Northest Kansas City
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...


Ela Rose got covered in pricks when word got out that she was feeling thorny!!!

Super Dave said...

Sly claims that he often goes to crime scenes where somebody killed a person with a gun.

What days afterwards? I don't seem to remember seeing MSM coving this.

Anonymous said...

Wow tony, things have been pretty quiet over here recently... it's like nobody gives a shit about your silly blog. May wanna consider throwing in the towel? Maybe taco bell will hire you.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Is that why you're reading it at night?

Anonymous said...

I'm only here for the bewbs.

Anonymous said...

speaking of titty pics, that Ela Rose is smoking hot, hopefully her swedish ass won't get raped by those "asylum seekers" when she goes back home

Anonymous said...

Boy, Al Franken looks FASCINATED by the ol' bowtie.