Friday, July 08, 2016

Did Golden Ghetto Po-Po Threaten Girl?!?!

Suspicious social media commentary is under investigation by authorities because Facebook is mostly for alienating friends and loved ones. Thanks Zuck! Checkit: OP police investigating officer's comment on Facebook


Anonymous said...

I've been seeing this on Twitter but the "news story" doesn't say what the comment was and accompanying photo is heavily redacted/blurred. Shouldn't a new story be more specific than "we found out someone said something so we're investigating"?

MCOFKC said...

I agree, what was said on the post?

Crazy Clown said...


FOX 4 NEWS in KC reports that this young Black Girl, Profile photo on her page, showed a person dressed in Black holdinjg a Knife to a Police Officers throat

Amazing how that bit of information is being Conveniently left out of a lotta comments,,, to further push the Lib'Tard anti Cop Racist bullshit agenda & narrative !!