Friday, July 22, 2016

Craig Talks 'Hottie' Julian McCullough???

Clearly, our pal Craig is "excited" about a guy he'll be hosting this weekend. Take a look at this exuberant latest bit of writing . . .

Julian McCullough On Fire This Weekend At Stanfords

Stanfords in Overland Park, Rosana Square, continues its summer theme of the hottest young comedy stars today from both television and film, as well as standup. This weekend its hottie, Julian McCullough. Julian was last years 'Odd Ball' tour star before the Schumer Star Light Group this last summer. Julian has done it all the last couple years. His career took off from being on the tv series 'Guy Code' and landing on Whitney Cummings new tv series. Julian did Chelsea, Conan, Fallen,Carson Daly and every late night show known to man.

McCullough heated up when Amy Schumer placed him on her new hit series 'Inside Amy Schumer' and the ladies love the guy. Recently separated from his wife and now raising a child gives him lots of new material on life at the ripe old age of 36. He is glad it got hot outside he doesn't have to see ladies wearing 'Uggs' anymore. Local media has him on everything this week all three tv morning shows, Fox 4 and NBC 41 Friday and KCTV 5 Thursday. The camera loves the guy.

We want to thank Nikki Glaser, her new series, 'NOT SAFE' starring former KU gal and Stanfords original, Nikki Glaser is a smash hit. In fact picked up for next season. She has moved up with Amy as top female comic everywhere. Nikki gave Stanfords props in her front page Sunday story on her career in entertainment. She was kind enough to throw me a bouquet for helping start her career, " I like Craig Glazer nobody what anyone else thinks' hah...I'll take it where I can get it. I think she is the next Ellen.

Stanfords continues with 'hot' new stars coming up including Joe Rogan sidekick and now hot standup tv/theater act Big Jay Oakerson first week of August. Auggie Smith returns next weekend, he opened our Stanfords at Legends back in 2007 right before Lewis Black came.

For tickets or dinner reservations call 913 400 7500 or online Stay cool this weekend.


Anonymous said...

I'm too hungover to troll Craig this morning. Good luck with the show and have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Do you have transgendered bathrooms?

Anonymous said...

Clearly, our pal Craig is "excited" about a guy

Are the two of them going to have sex while Junior the dog films it?

Anonymous said...

Hey saw him on KSHB 41 with that girl Hosmer dated. They were damn funny. Great act.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Hi Craig

Anonymous said...

Glazer Family thank you for brining in such wonderful talent over the years to our city.