Friday, July 22, 2016

Collective Punishment Po'Folk Crackdown In KCK: Commish Ann Murguia Demands Apartment Complex Destroyed

Gunfire aftermath and a bit of collective punishment against this low income, high crime neighborhood following a tough week across the State Line . . . Like it or not, this is also an effective way that the Israelis keep the Palestinians (relatively) in line: After triple shooting, Wyandotte County commissioner calls for closure of apartment complex


Anonymous said...

Wrong approach commissioner, let them continue killing each other.

Super Dave said...

Only an idiot would think tearing down housing is going to make crime go away.

I guess Kansas City government must be full of idiots on both sides of the state line.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that if all the poor people were killed america would be a better place, & you fat asses would lose weight by having to mow your own damn grass.

I guess I better say that was sarcasm. StupidDave is back.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^ What wrong with America there @ 12:51, Dave made a great comment and you show everyone how big an idiot you are!

Anonymous said...

Dear Commish's and Mayor KC Royals Fanboy:

Instead of tearing down this building where people live, let's think about punishing the criminal elements of KCK that would made a real difference in our communities.

How about this; the bunker where crime central is located, City Hall. Then go across the street to the cesspool of corruption, Court House, following by the thieves at the BPU.

The people of KCK would support building a new jail, but please increase the cost overuns to $100 million. Current jail had only $60 million is cost overruns. We would all like our local mobs and their employees to retire in the style in which they are accustomed to with the additional $40 mil.

Please let us know how many years behind bars did the following corrupt lying thieves in the UG received for the below crime spree:

We'll await your answer. It's on the hearts and minds of the people who pay for these crimes. Please forgive us for not including a complete list of crimes. There are so many it would blow up TKC blog if are were noted.

Yours truly, Tax payers who are sick to death of your crap

Anonymous said...

Too bad all must suffer because of a few. The live impacted. Old and young. There isn't much of affordable housing. Go South. Get out of the city. Most will be long gone after the damage is done. Not my problem anymore. Run Forrest, run. Make it them against me. So much easier to live with oneself. Take another sip and forget about it. Tomorrow is another day. Now get the fuck out.