Saturday, July 30, 2016

Celebrate The Revenge Of Kansas City 'Buttonpush' Beat Collabo @ miniBar!!!

Posted as promo for a friend and probably one of the most innovative musical events happening in Kansas City tonight. Checkit:

Kansas City’s beat scene has grown exponentially over the past five years. In July, an old imprint gets a facelift and re-introduction to that community.

Kansas City, MO - “Buttonpush” was originally conceived as a beat competition – as part of annual emcee battle “Versus.” Unfortunately, a scant five years later, both would be retired. On July 30, the one-of-a-kind event that pre-dated much of the recent advancements in the beat scene will return to Westport’s miniBar (3810 Broadway). The first installment of the re-imagined series will feature a showcase of five local producers: d’Jawnz (producer handle for long-tenured emcee Reach), Aikido Bray (Approach’s alter ego), Eggnog (Vertigone’s production alias), Dominique Sanders, and newcomer Keennotes. Each of them will have 30-minute sets to feature their instrumental works. Admission for this show is $5 for all patrons aged 21 or older. Doors will open at 9:30pm and the show will begin promptly at 10pm with an opening selector set from Reach.

Kansas-based superduo Lincoln Marshall will be the lone musical guest for the evening. The group, comprised of emcees Milkdrop (Leavenworth, KS) and Approach (Lawrence, KS), recently released their second project titled “Water.” The tandem’s debut, “Weight”, was released in 2015. The pair has set the bi-state area abuzz with their newly-minted collaboration. Lincoln Marshall will perform a half-hour set in the heart of the show’s lineup.

Reach has always prided himself on creating new avenues to showcase local artists. “Buttonpush” is an old dog, but has a few new tricks to share with the Hip Hop community in Kansas City. This series intends to display the depth and breadth of the area’s production talent. Showcases of this ilk often pigeonhole themselves to one specific sub-genre, but Reach aims to buck that trend. This installment will feature Boom Bap, Progressive/Future styles, Trap, and virtually everything in between. Producers are taking center stage in Kansas City and “Buttonpush” has its sights set on helping them stay there for the foreseeable future.