Thursday, July 07, 2016

Celebrate Kansas City New School?!?

Quick insight regarding education reform in Kansas City amid more than a generation of FAIL for the KCPS . . . A New School and Governance Model for the New School Year in Kansas City


Anonymous said...

Change the name of the school back to Wendell Phillips Elementary School.

Anonymous said...

As with any organization, particularly one funded by the taxpayers, what will be important is the ability and integrity of the leadership, the competence of the staff, particularly in the area of finance, and the experience and ability of the teachers.
Innovative structure of governance and hype don't mean squat.

Anonymous said...

Fucked up. In the 80's attorney Arthur Benson and Judge Clark ordered bussing of students all over the city and spending over 2 billion in taxpayer money to improve the KCPS. Now we're back to neighborhood schools as the answer.