Saturday, July 23, 2016

Candice And The Kansas City Saturday

Candice Swanepoel hotness begins our Saturday morning as we consider these local links among other things. Take a peek:

Celebrate The Kansas City Bubble
Housing Construction On the Rise in KC
More Deets Against Local Faker
Man charged with impersonating a police officer, showing a gun while pulling over a motorist on I-70
Internets Teaching Moment
KC Business Journal on Twitter
Kansas City Small Biz Attacked
Thieves ransack Kansas City barbershop, cutting away at their ability to do business
Kansas City Cop Killer Relative Reax
Gavin Long's stepfather: 'What in the hell happened?'
Local Tragedy Connection
Widow of fallen KCMO police officer remembers day of his funeral
Kansas City Weekend Progress
Duffy sharp as Royals clip Rangers, 3-1
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...


Whitey did not steal from the barber shop.

Anonymous said...

If I were gay, & I didn't want anyone to know it, I'd post pictures of scantily clad women on my blog.

"Outing" became a thing when the openly gay got tired of the cowardly gay politicians passing anti-gay legislation in the hope that know one would figure out that they are gay.

Heterosexual adults DO NOT surround themselves with pictures of scantily clad women, especially if they hope to marry someday & raise a family.

Anonymous said...


Casting couch for "Blogger's Assistant"!!!