Monday, July 11, 2016

Brooklyn And Back To The Kansas City Grind


Brooklyn Chase is one of America's favorite pr0n hotties and this morning she starts our perspective on the local news scene. Take a peek:

Local Propaganda By The Numbers " Becoming a "What Works City"
Double Devastation Across The State Line
Two injured in Kansas City, Kansas house explosion
Meth Town Weekend Tragedy Report
Man dead after fall at Independence business
Rock Chalk Teaching Moment Perspective
Public Schools? To Kansas Conservatives, They're 'Government Schools'
Show-Me The Union Battle Ahead
National labor leader says the nation's marquee contest for governor is in Missouri
Baseball Trading Day
Klip Bloggin Sports :: Josh Reddick Kansas City bound?
Soccer For A Great Cause
Sporting Club, U.S. Soccer and Children's Mercy break ground on National Training and Coaching Development Center in Kansas City, Kansas
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...


Brooklyn has a FLATBUSH!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

" " Becoming a "What Works City""

Correction: Becoming a nobody works city....

Anonymous said...

Government schools have to go.

Same with government roads.

While we're at it, so does the government military.

The ideology of these no-compromise pure 'conservative' is making people stupid.