Saturday, July 09, 2016

Blogging Kansas City Racial Dynamics

A thoughtful and personal post from the best hip-hop blog in Kansas City offers advice to readers navigating friendships across cultural lines . . . The words are heartfelt, courageous and inspiring for all of the people who are still naive enough to believe in the concept of "friendship" and not just mutual interests predetermined by a set of demographic trends that people attempt to but never quite defy . . . OR here's how make enemies whilst playing Pokeman GO. Checkit: Young White People With Black Friends Have To Get Up And Speak Up - DEMENCHA


Anonymous said...

Yes, Society is to blame for all the fatherless children that grow up in a the homes of angry black women who blame Society (ie white people) for all her problems in try to raise children that keep showing up at her doorstep because she opens her leg to every brother that has new shoes or might play basketball or some sport or carry a gun and talks loud about shooting cops and whitey while bringin in some weed. Society promotes these animals and the lifestyles they want to lead, makes music videos and movies showing how good a people these animals are while they work to degrade their environment completely. What we need to do is convince young white minds full of mush that its the white boys fault that a black child can't grow up honoring their mother and father and the nation that gives all those immigrants a chance for greatness.

Please. The only racial group that has a problem succeeding in large numbers in this country are black people, but it isn't their fault is it.

No, it wasn't a question.

Anonymous said...

Some of these libtards need to be forced to live with coons. That might be the cure.