Monday, July 11, 2016

Blogging The Kansas City Bright Side

An important Kansas City blogger post reminds us of the many great things that are happening in Kansas City that are worth enjoying and should make us realize that cowtown life can be a wonderful thing for those who take a moment to count their blessings. Checkit: Uncommon Courage


Anonymous said...

How was the Louis ck show in kc? Didn't hear about it. Great to see salvos arm. We will see him and hos in the as game.

Anonymous said...

Everything here is just the worst!

But it doesn't have to be this way! If only we can stop the toy train extension and deny the success of the starter line, everything you could ever hope for will magically come to pass!

Anonymous said...

As long as we can keep the taxpayers bent over, distracted, and enjoying their servitude we'll have streetcars all over this city again. Just like back in the good ol' days in the previous century!

MDLQ said...

The Corrigan Bro.'s wouldn't mind that.........The Kansas City Metropolitan Railway ran for years. Some tracks are still around.
"Keep 'em rollin'"!