Friday, July 15, 2016

Black Lives Matter Teaching Moment

The newspaper takes a big picture look at a controversial movement that some blame for violence against police and others, like President Obama, endorse: Black Lives Matter movement must be viewed in the context of history to understand what it tries to convey


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The Black Lives matter movement is a racist organization that attempts to place the significance of black lives above every other race. This is not about All Lives Matter and it has been made pretty clear by many of these folks that they intend for blacks to be victims of tyranical police even when the statistics do not support their claims.

Of course anyone disagreeing is racist and subject to purging, but the truth remains above and beyond the spin and pandering.

When these folks are ready to join civil society and drop the forked tongues there are plenty who will listen, but believing that these characters represent the majority of deaths in any category other than black on black crime is absolutely rubbish. There is just too much evidence out there for any reasonably intelligent human to believe otherwise.

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hmm Dikweed omits the "statements" like "Kill Whitey"..and "Fuck the Po-lice"

popular with black racists like himself in recent history

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yet MORE racist trash from rich-kid Lewie-- the lib Democrat Affirmative Action quota "two-fer" ....who usually rants about "White Privilege" ..

one of the main reasons I quit my Star subscription years ago .. didn't want a 1/10th of a penny from my 'script going towards his salary

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FACT :BLM is nothing more than a Pathetic Disgusting group of Degenerate THUGS who want to be able to COMMIT Crimes and get by with it, and NOT be held accountable for their actions and criminal intent. !!!!!

FACT : Everytime they are caught, they want to play the wore out over used RACE CARD to hide behind and always Blame the Cops for their Criminal actions and their own Hoodrat Arrogance and mentality !

FACT : if these young under 30 yr.old Gangsta' Black Males were not out committing crimes and all high on their goddamn DOPE & DRUGS acting like little Gangsta' Hoodrats , then they wouldn't be in 1/2 the trouble their in constantly !!!!

They have NO RESPECT for themselves nor their community - which has been reported on Several times in the local media here in Kansas city


The Country Club Plaza incidents

The Kansas City Zoo incidents

The Power Light Disctrict incident

SLY JAMES Teens night out Violence breaks out incident

Numerous Car Jackings & Driveby shootings

Numerous Armed robberies and shootings

Numerous High Speed car chases thru the metro

numerous car crashes involving no drivers license - No Insurance and sometimes a stolen vehicle

so, all Black Lives Matter is - a GROUP of young Degenerate Mentally Distrubed Thug Gangsta's who want to be able to commit crimes and NOT be held accountable for their actions and play the phony RACE CARD = FACT !!!!

Of course they'll attempt to Deny all this, with Bullshit Rehtoric & lies, but the countless news stories & video footage prove other wise,,,,,,

Young Degenerate Arrogant Gangsta' Punks is what the Majority are - and that's a FACT !!!

Ohhh and if you call them out on it - all they have is to call you a Racist & Bigot,,, for calling them out for what they truly are !!

They'll always attempt to try to hide behind a phony agenda tho everytime, like BLM .

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Crazy Clown For The Win & +1

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Mr. Lewis DoBad, of the morally bankrupt KC Star Editorial Board, of the financially bankrupt McClatchy newspaper chain, is wrong, wrong, wrong!

He writes, "the lives of all African Americans should matter because too often they don’t", yet he fails to explain that most black lives are lost at the hands of other blacks. One only has to examine the homicide statistics available from our own KCPD, or look at the national data from the Justice Department. This conversation first needs to be redirected within the black community for solutions, and then and only then, should it be discussed as a societal issue.

When DoBad writes--- "The Black Lives Matter movement sprang up after the Aug. 9, 2014, police killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. Brown, an African American, was unarmed when a confrontation and struggle between him and white police Officer Darren Wilson erupted, and Brown was shot multiple times."---he's wrong again! Please note the prejudice in Mr. DoBad's descriptive words. Totally absent is the fact that Michael Brown had just stolen merchandise from a store, physically assaulted the shopkeeper, disobeyed a police officer's commands, physically assaulted a police officer, all while having illegal drugs in his system. The fact is that Michael Brown was no martyr, but a stupid drug-abusing young man with a criminal record, who committed suicide by cop.

Further, he explains---"His body remained in the street in the residential neighborhood for about four hours before being removed."---as if police shouldn't have followed death investigation protocol in this case. Most people understand that if the body had been moved prior to timely examination by detectives and medical examiner, there would have been multiple accusations that police had tampered with the body and were hiding evidence.

Mr. DoBad is so quick to pile on the fool's bandwagon which loudly protests the police using lethal force against young black males, most of which would still be alive today had they respected the law and law officers. You're forgiven if you get the impression that only black men are killed in confrontations with police. It's really more a case of outside agitators feeding off the instances in which police officers of all races are forced to deadly force with an aggressive, non-compliant subject.

Because Lewis DoBad frequently writes about public education, one wonders if he would find fault with school teachers who are forced to use harsh measures with students who show them no respect and physically threaten their person? I suspect he would selectively choose only those cases where a white teacher took disciplinary steps against a young black male, and write a scathing article accusing the teacher and school system of institutional racism!

In summary, Lewis DoBad's self-appointed duty is to continually fan the flames of racism and to provide public cover for all those incapable of being responsible for themselves. He encourages the weak-willed and weak-minded who find it easier to claim permanent victim status, than to go to school, work hard, start a career, follow the laws of society, and mind their own business. For alas, this is the age of the "community organizer" President, in which he and his wife offer false encouragement to the unenlightened, that they can make a name for themselves by being loud angry rabblerousers.

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It is hard to behave with an average IQ of 85.