Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Angela & The Kansas City Morning Link Look

Let's be nice and start the day by describing her pr0n career as "high class" at least in a comparative sense . . . As Angela White starts our Kansas City morning look at some of the top links at there right now. Checkit:

Kansas City Work Inside The Loop Cont'd
CID takes new strides in Downtown beautification
Dead Tree Media Teaching Moment???
Did Melania Trump plagiarize? Absolutely, Kansas City teachers say
Safety Tech Freebie Amid Tense Times
Program offers free alarms for first responders' families
Jackson County Connection To Tragedy
Jackson County Advocate Newspaper - Covering Grandview and South Kansas City for 60 years: KC man, GV grad alleged in Baton Rouge shooting
Midtown Kansas City Even More Artsy
KC Business Journal on Twitter
Royals Pitching Problems???
Flynn pulled early as Cleveland beats Royals
Kansas City Hand Up
Christmas in July: Local organization helping families in need
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

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Anonymous said...

Re CID takes new strides. They have a lot of striding to do at the park located at the southwest corner of West 5th Street & Wyandotte. There is no grass and over grown trees. CID’s idea of park maintenance is racing around on a lawn mower. They obviously have zero experience in turf maintenance and certainly do not do tree trimming. We are paying taxes for KCMO Parks & Recreation and hope they will take over at some time in the future.