Sunday, June 19, 2016

What Can Kansas City Crime Fighting Efforts Teach Other Towns?!?!

This widely noted local anti-violence effort is celebrated in another city while KCMO endures a near-record homicide count for this time of year.


"The Kansas City No Violence Alliance, an example of a law-enforcement strategy known as “focused deterrence," identifies people most at risk to commit or to be victimized by gun violence — often the same individuals — and hosts call-ins where they are given community support and offered resources."

Photos: Can Milwaukee learn from Kansas City in fighting gun violence?


Anonymous said...

More KCPD bullshit acronyms and slogans. "KCPD together", "Corwin's It Takes a Village", more bullshit .

Jeffrey McDonald said...

Not a fuckin chance.

I love it when they come up with new nomenclature like "Stakeholders" and "Focused Deterrence". Last month, the Department of Justice -

(What a fuckin joke. No IRS indictments, no government employees EVER fired for ANYTHING, no indictments of ANY liberals, no problem with the Clinton Slush Fund or emails, no Hate Crimes EVER prosecuted against blacks who commit literally millions of Hate Crimes while we all hold our breath for the next Zimmerman. Send the Attorney General to Michael Brown's funeral. Michael Brown, a suspect in 2 different murders who tried to take a firearm from a cop. Then, the DOJ investigates the police!)

-, the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, decided to start calling the millions and millions of thug blacks in prison, "Justice Involved Individuals". How fucked up is that? So I presume, the next time that scum bag fuckin piece of shit, Brandon Howell, who killed 5 white people in cold blood (NO HATE CRIME THERE FOLKS, MOVE ALONG!) he will be referred to as a "Justice Involved Individual" instead of a murdering thug who committed a Hate Crime.

I am still dead, in a Black on White Hate Crime, that no one remembers. Hell, no one even remembers the 5 dead people killed in a Hate Crime on Wornall just a couple of years ago. That is just what the Justice Department and Liberals want. After all, Blacks ALL vote Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Teach Milwaukee? Don't you have to STOP niggers killing niggers FIRST?

Anonymous said...

Blacks abort well over a third of their unborn children.

If not for Planned Parenthood, there would be over TWENTY MILLION more Blacks in this country than there are.

Abortion was an elite move to cut back on the minorities, and it got rid of more of them than Jews killed by HIterl

And the Blacks bought into it.

Anonymous said...

If you're not going to disarm them, then you're wasting your time.

7:59, At the same time that white women were fighting for the right to have an abortion, Latino women were fighting for the right to not be sterilized against their wishes.

Anonymous said...

Fucking blind leading the blind.

Anonymous said...

7:59 God bless Margaret Sanger. There should be a monument to her. We cannot calculate how many convenience store clerks she has saved from being killed or how many women she has saved from being raped.

Anonymous said...

Just keep in mind that Aim4Peace, on which KCMO has spent millions in the last five years, cam from, of all places, Chicago.
The same Chicago which just passed the 100+ homicides for the year at the six months mark.
So the kids' game of swimming pool Marco Polo of clueless elected city officials chasing each other around with "the latest solution", continues apace.
Everything but having the guts to address the real issue, its causes, and the perpetrators.
Next up? Throw a few more millions at community activists, fake nonprofits, and new ideas from out-of-town professors.
Oh, and taxpayer-funded grocery stores.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, it teaches Black women to keep their legs closed. Pictures of illegitimate kids gunned down in Kansas city doesn't teach much of a lesson but the cadavers warn of specific behaviors, which most well-meaning people already know and understand.

Crazy Clown said...

Laughing so hard so my damn gut hurts, ohhh they'd learn a lot alright - that it doesn't work, its all a ruse & mirage just to get Tax Money,,,,,, FACT !!!

Ohh my gut hurts from laughing so hard ,,,,,,,