Monday, June 20, 2016


Another Kansas City morning and work week begins with relentless toy train streetcar hype from the makers of the latest app that works better but doesn't fulfill the promise to award prizes that the old vaporware tech seems to have neglected.

Like it or not, this clip is important because it provides Kansas City with an glimpse and the irrational exuberance of streetcar enthusiasts as they continue their mission to extend the line despite a recent voter rejection.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

EPIC TOY TRAIL FAIL ON 150 HWY AND I49! Billion dollar highway boondoggle shut down for hours by a wreck this AM!!!!

Flexible horses could ride right around the locked toy trail! Roads are 1st century BC technology!

Anonymous said...

Gesshhh I didn't need to watch the whole thing, the LIB'TARD in the blue T Shirt was enough to tell the whole story with his bragging about he he was one of the members to get the project started, and the way he talked looked , typical clueless lib'tard pansy lookin creep !!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, yeah... Don't care for the libs, but the extension will probably happen.

Anonymous said...

Video brought to you by The Disruption Institute. Who?

Their website provides NO information as to who is behind the group, how they're funded, or who leads the company.

They are purportedly in the business of providing computer coding courses for individuals. So, why are they doing a promotional video for the ToyTrain? WTF is going on here?

They just happened to find an "average" KC representative to share his views of the ToyTrain. Since Matt Staubio has been one of the very most PRO-ToyTrain promoters from inception, readers immediately recognize this is nothing but a propaganda promotional video. Staubio struggles to explain by a $100 Million (+) dollar "bus on rails" is so much better than the existing traditional bus on wheels concept. He resorts to claiming that the Royals World Series win is somehow related to the ToyTrain!! WTF?

REVIEW: This video receives 5 LEMONS and demerits for dishonesty, obfuscation, and obvious propaganda intent.

Anonymous said...

You can see the stains on the walls. The newness is over. As clean as the buses, maybe will be busy this weekend. Be careful out there.

Anonymous said...

They sell fried chikin and 40s on board yet?

Or do you gots to bring it?

Anonymous said...

That the elected officials in KCMO could have been stampeded into such nonsense by a guy like this gets more amazing all the time.
How about Clay's gondolas?
When does the city start spending millions studying a World's Fair or Olympic Games?
Why not a gigantic dome over the entire downtown amusement park?
The really great ideas of how to spend the public's money by 20-somethings with no responsibilities are virtually limitless.
Government in KCMO resembles a tv game show.
And all at the taxpayers' expense.