Monday, June 27, 2016


Typically . . . The first person to go negative in any political campaign is the one that believes their trailing or is more desperate to win.

Accordingly, they call themselves "NICE" but that moniker isn't really fitting.

Supported by Council lady Jolie Justus . . . Neighborhood Inclusion & Consent Expansion Ordinance supporters are making some rather nasty allegations via social media.

Here's what frustrated bar owners are saying about a public vote . . .

"The petition to protect the unreasonable power of a small group of property owners has reached its goal. Their payment of $3-4 per signature garnered enough names on the petition to move our ordinance to repeal or a public vote. Read the article below for more details."

Documentation . . .

Now, there's not evidence to support this nasty claim from bar biz and the idea that voters want to keep liquor codes the same shouldn't really surprise any small biz owner. HOWEVER, if this is true than somebody owes me $4 for signing!

Seriously, what we've seen from the supporters of this ordinance is they have two or three council members on their side tops along with a couple of marketing people and a cadre of self-reinforcing colleagues . . . While the Crossroads coalition to repeal or force a CITYWIDE PUBLIC VOTE on this ordinance has now gathered a much broads coalition, support from the Council and a campaign war chest of at least $50k.

Again, this isn't insider against vs. small biz . . . This is one group of very rich developers vs. another group of somewhat rich developers. Meanwhile, and once again for the cheap seats, Kansas City voters mostly support strict liquor codes and resident throughout the Crossroads don't seem to want the place to turn into another party district.

You decide . . .