Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Kansas City Tuesday Night Look

Lina Posada & Natalia VĂ©lez inspire this late night Kansas City round-up. Take a look:

Kansas City Crooks Target Po'Folk
Thief steals car Don Bosco Center uses to deliver meals
Golden Ghetto Double Trouble!!!
Same man sought for groping shopper now may have fondled himself in Lenexa store
Rock Chalk Legal Question
Kansas Supreme Court wants to know why Brownback hasn't appointed judge
Meth Town Close Call
Teen nearly drowns at Adventure Oasis Park
JoCo Infrastructure Old & Busted, Too
Extreme heat causing more frequent water main breaks in Johnson County
Kansas City Stays Losing
Mets best Royals in pitchers' duel after losing starter Bartolo Colon in first inning
Celebrate Summer Silly Season
Absentee voting in Missouri begins for August 2 Primary
And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...


Natalia (brunette) caught Lina (blonde) wearing the identical bikini bottom and demanded that she take it off. I concur!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


That's damn good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Great, now the toy train is stealing JoCo sewers as well! The toy train's hunger for sewers is insatiable! Check the epic deetz from CFRG's Facebook rant that 3 or 4 out-of-touch Ward Parkway new money republicans cut and pasted from the same thing they said 2 weeks ago!