Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Kansas City Midweek Link Collection

Wednesday afternoon, hottie newsmaker model tribute, and a look at all the important Kansas City links for today. Take a look:

Kansas City Lost & Found
Authorities recover vehicle stolen from worker for Don Bosco Center
Old & Busted Infrastructure Glimpse
Water main break closes 75th Street at the busy Wornall intersection
Standoff Over After High Temperatures And Tensions
Kansas City police in standoff in KCMO
Golden Ghetto Baby On Board Breakout
Woman rescues baby from hot car in Overland Park
Newspaper Notes Toy Train Opposition
Poll results: Thumbs up to new KCI and more bike lanes but not to streetcar expansion
So-Called 'Cool Mom' Crackdown
34-year-old Kansas City mom accused of buying alcohol for teen girls; one rushed to hospital
Northeast Kansas City Teaching Moment
After long wait, Manchester School is finally coming down
Catching KCMO Shrapnel
Flying glass wounds Kansas City man inside home hit by bullets
Celebrate More Downtown Tax Breaks
$7 million loft project on Broadway receives thumbs up from development agency
Local Hotness Forecast
Joe's Weather Blog: Hot but becoming less hot (WED-6/22)
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Good job on destroying an irreplaceable historic building Northeast! Can wait to see the vacant weedy lot that replaces it for the next 50 years! Good thing you stopped that stinky toy train from bringing jobs and residents to your neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure the Star poll doesn't trump the electoral results that show streetcar winning midtown. To say nothing of the Biz Journal poll with more respondents saying the support streetcar expansion. In fact, the question didn't even ask IF we should extend the streetcar, but rather if we should do it right now...a question the voters in the affected district have resoundingly answered, yes, we actually should have done it years ago.

Stay losing, T.

Anonymous said...

I saw an 8 year old kid in a car outside the welfare office. I had to load my gun to make sure he didn't get rescued.

Anonymous said...


Can you say HUMP DAY ?