Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Kansas City Late Night Link Lineup

Whilst newsworthy Brit babes dominate our dreams, there's still a lot to consider for those concerned with the Kansas City news overnight.

Accordingly, here's a collection of the latest news and views that didn't quite fit anywhere else . . . Very much like the denizens of this blog community.

Something to think about for our shift working friends and early risers.

Take a peek:

Kansas City Gunfire Overnight
Shooting near 42nd, Olive streets leaves 1 injured
Kansas City Burning Truth Allegation
Grand jury charges man for burning car linked to October homicide
Local Real Estate Hot Mess Report
Kansas City landlord faces felony charges for allegedly forging judge's signature
Golden Ghetto Bad Touch Verdict
Former Johnson County massage therapist found guilty of sexually motivated crime
Rock Chalk Kansas Drunk Ruling
US Supreme Court ruling could change the way DUI arrests are performed
Show-Me The Political Money
Sinquefield and Humphreys family are this year's biggest financial players in Missouri politics
Hero Father Bravely Saves Youngsters On Kansas City Eastside
Kansas City dad throws himself on top of two kids when bullet flies through bedroom window
More Newspaper Followup Coverage Of Stuff TKC Posted Previously
Cleaver: Banning gun purchases by terror watch listees not a Second Amendment issue
Please Support Kansas City Pussy Eatery
Whiskers Cat Cafe
Celebrate The Latest Kansas City Comeback
Morales stays scorching as Royals top Cardinals again
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

^^^^^^ nobody cares. And nobody really cares that you care. Go bother someone else, you haven't ever made a convert or accomplished much of anything, worse than your fb were people are forced to acknowledge you if they want the attention reciprocated. Think about this, your trolling a KC blog for years on end. Maybe get a dog. People like dogs.


More tits please. 12 ain't enough.

Anonymous said...

Because Rep Cleaver is a bitter old man he doesn't care the terror watch list is trash.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Excellent point.

Anonymous said...

The first amendment doesn't mention freedom of speech for scamming preachers/politicians but it does apply.

Anonymous said...

Lets pass a law that says we can make up lists that require no criteria or judicial review whatsoever and then take away peoples rights. How about anyone who has ever had a protective order are barred from ever getting a marriage license? They are guilty of nothing, but because someone got the order, even if they lied, you can never get married.

How about anyone who ever got a ticket for texting and driving can never have a driver license because texting and driving kills people? Even if found innocent you are on the list.

How about if your dog poops in the street you can never own a dog?

What a wonderful way for a government to totally circumvent the constitution. Make up a list, put anyone you want on it with no supervision whatsoever, make it near impossible to get off the list and then deny their constitutional rights without them ever being guilty of anything.

That isn't the America I want to live in, but by God, the libtards have no problem at all telling you that it is only logical that if you can't convict a person you should just skip the trial and hang them anyway. This is the party people want to be a part of? What a shame if we continue this program of stealing rights based on unfounded suspicion or personal paranoia. What is America fucking smoking.

Anonymous said...


Six; because on the 7th day God rested!!!!!!!