Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Golden Ghetto Still Stinks

Complaints about a the stench from Shawnee grow louder during sweltering Summer heat as an otherwise nice suburb is now known for a garbage smell. Checkit: Stronger stench from Johnson County landfill leaves neighbors longing for answers


Anonymous said...

That landfill has been there for decades. Maybe you don't build houses around it. Do they think it's going to smell like roses?

Anonymous said...

You live next door to a garbage dump.
Investigation: CLOSED.

Crazy Clown said...

and if they really only knew what was DUMPED there in the 1990's late at Night late late at night, they would of never moved there in the 1st place !!!

Hint : it Glowed in the Dark and was immediately covered up with Dirt & Rock and trash and a lot of it too !!!

HINT #2 : Enjoy your TAP WATER and Bath water too !!!

Mill creek is very near by as well as the KAW River, get ya the hint ???

Anonymous said...

Buy a house next to a turd farm, probably a radioactive turd farm. What could go wrong? Hey, it was a fuckin' bargain!

Anonymous said...

Why are you writing letter dumb asses, you are the ones throwing the stinky shit in the garbage geniuses.