Monday, June 20, 2016

Sylive And The Kansas City Link Workout

Sylvie Meis stays winning her fitness game as we look on some of the more important Kansas City links for tonight. Take a peek at our roundup from front to back . . .

Kansas City Crooks Ruin Daddy's Day
Thieves strike south KCMO home while owners away for Father's Day weekend
More Cowtown Tax Break Schemes
Port KC passes tax exemption for NorthPoint Development's plans at Northland Park
Golden Ghetto Biz Disrespects Solider?!?
Disabled veteran in Overland Park has complaints with contractor's work
Blaze Across The Bridge
Fire rips through home in Northland
Rock Chalk Deadline Lesson Plan
Kansas Special Legislative Session Will Likely Stretch Close To School Closure Deadline
And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Tired old man said...

I'm tired of living in this evil country.

Anonymous said...


The Meis twins work up a sweat practicing their ballet scissoring!!!!

Anonymous said...

"The Port Authority of Kansas City Board of Commissioners on Monday approved a tax exemption for a $250 million project"

NOTHING happens in KCMO without tax breaks!
Officials have trained developers to never proceed without their welfare subsidies.

Anonymous said...

Nothing happens in JoCo without tax breaks either. Maybe you didn't notice, because your head is up your suburban ass.

Besides, I thought SLIAR AND THE KIDDIE/RENTER/HIPSTERS never did anything except for the WHITE PPL DOWNTOWN!!!! The Northland never gets nuffin! Remember?

Anonymous said...

There's a black congresswoman who thinks people on corporate welfare should have to pass a drug test, just like the poor people on welfare.

Bob said...

10:11 - So go already.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we just quit testing anyone for drugs, since what a person puts in their own sovereign body is their own fucking business, and because it violates the 4th Ammendment in the most blatant and sacred way. And we could quit giving corporate welfare (including 99% of farm welfare) and use citizens tax money to benefit citizens?