Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer Reading For Kansas City Rugrats

Because it's important to get youngsters started reading so they don't become bloggers . . . Here's a great bit of illustrations and some propaganda for local students courtesy of Mayor Sly's Turn the Page KC program which is actually one of his few efforts that focuses on something besides tax breaks.


Our Home Kansas City

Look closely for toy train hype . . .


Anonymous said...


May I please alert your readers to an interesting disclosure revealed on TUE/WED by local news (propaganda) station KSHB 41?

Christa Dubill did a gushingly positive segment on Mayor James Turn The Page summer reading kick-off at the Sprint Center. It was promoted as a BFD with exclamations like "Mayor James read to a group of 1000 kids, and you could hear a pin drop inside the Sprint Center!"

Ms. Dubill, of course, mentioned that SHE had been selected to emcee the event, and it was a great honor.

So, what's strange about this arrangement? Well, it demonstrates the symbiotic relationship which KSHB 41 has cultivated with Mayor James' City Hall. Please recall that in the recent past KSHB has served as a cheerleader for the ToyTrain, weather dude Lezak has proclaimed on-air "I just love Mayor James!", and Christa Dubill has done powderpuff interviews with James designed to elevate his favorable ratings.

No wonder, Christa Dubill was selected to emcee the event the other day! She and her station are working proactively with City Hall to push Mayor James agenda of HIGHER TAXES, DECREASED SERVICES, DEVELOPER WELFARE, and BOONDOGGLE SUBSIDIZED PROJECTS! In exchange for their cooperation as propaganda agents, KSHB is rewarded by City Hall with exclusive interviews, easier access to the Mayor and City representatives, and favors like emceeing public events.

KSHB 41 has joined The Kansas City Star in selling out the public. The public they are supposed to be representing and defending against governmental abuse, secrecy, and cronyism.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, 9:34. That's what happens when you're dead last in ratings.

Anonymous said...

I thought everyone was too afraid to speak against the Mayor because of his bully techniques. Good work.

Anonymous said...

The Channel 41 slide began when Mark Clegg, then Russ Ptacek, then Ryan Kath bailed out for much greener pastures and the parade of pretty millenial readers and weather bimbos showed up.
And let's not forget Lezak and his dogs.
Famous celebrities, all, just like Christa.
Small market D-listers.