Friday, June 24, 2016

Sophie And The Kansas City Friday Morning

Brit hottie Sophie Reade starts this Kansas City morning where most people are trying to figure out events across the pond this Friday morning.

For now, check the Kansas City links for news a bit closer to home: 

Cowtown Morning Scare Aftermath
Man in custody after shooting, standoff in east Kansas City
Local Infant Breakout Report
Quick-thinking man: 'I'm glad I was there to help save the baby'
Cowtown 401Ks Take The Hit
'Brexit' bombshell torpedoes global markets
Pitch Snark In Support Civic Tech Hype
Kansas City loses Smart City challenge to city that played the sick kid card
Metro Lottery Niceness
Powerball winner pays back community with new fire station
More Deets On Local Mini Life For Vets
Kansas City Council, carpenter's council team up to buy first tiny home for homeless veteran
Peek At Kansas City Calendar
FLOAT and other weekend possibilities
And this is the OPEN THREAD . . .


Silvestor orgalthorp said...

The "fallout" of leaving the EU?
It's the rejection of a governing philosophy found on the left that, if only there was a large central power that dictates all aspects of your country and those other countries in Europe, that everything will run smoothly and everyone will be happy
But to do this, the left had to do what it always fails at; changing human nature
Just as there are no straight lines in nature, there are no humans that all think the same way. The desire to have they're own culture and laws is what moved England to leave and now they are free of the communism that replaced the soviets,
Those that wanted to continue down the EU road to utopia made one big mistake
They forgot about the older British that remember when England was a great country before the Muslim invasion

Anonymous said...


Sophie makes my "Big Ben" chime!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"'Brexit' bombshell torpedoes global markets"

Peanuts compared to what our own bankers did to us in 2008 and still, instead of criminal prosecution, we bailed the crooked bastards out.