Friday, June 24, 2016

Show-Me Jail Time For Breathalyzer Rebuff?!?

Under the radar, a recent SCOTUS ruling has serious implications for local drivers and provides yet another reason to drink alone. Take a look: Supreme Court ruling could impact drunken driving arrests in Missouri

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Anonymous said...

I don't know where that dumb ass reported managed to draw the conclusions. The case was very very simple. Can a state throw you in jail for refusing to take a blood alcohol test? The answer is no. You can not be forced to take a blood (blood draw) test as it is too invasive. So a warrant is needed. You can be required to take a breath test as it is not too invasive. They can suspend or revoke your driving privileges for refusing the breath test, but no one can be sent to jail for exercising their constitutional rights. However, if they prove your funky ass was drunk in court you may then get your butt tossed in the clink.