Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Should Kansas City Pay More Taxes For The Old School Hobo Hangout Public Library?!?!

Like it or not, in the digital age book lending is a thing of the past. The events and reading programs are nice but there are alternatives. Meanwhile, since these new taxes won't guarantee that so many hobos will get out of Midtown Starbucks . . . More cash for the Public Library should be scrutinized given that the cost to locals is so high. You decide: Mid-Continent Public Library to ask voters for first property tax levy increase since 1983


Anonymous said...

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Nice, ignorant, try.

Anonymous said...

Why not set them to the black site over on 31st. People keep talking about the smell from gas

Anonymous said...

What did Chris Rock say about books, black people and kryptonite?

Anonymous said...

Well, it's at least something that deserves the money, won't ask much, and won't rig an election to get it.

Anonymous said...

Mid-Continent is grossly mismanaged by their leadership.

JoCo and KC library systems put them to shame.

Jim Staley, Mid-Continent Public Library said...

Mid-Continent Public Library and Kansas City Public Library are separate organizations. MCPL serves 790,000 residents in Jackson, Clay, and Platte counties, and most residents of KCMO outside of the Kansas City Missouri School District.

Libraries today do much more than lend out books. More than 400,000 people use their MCPL library cards to search for jobs, learn new skills, take online classes, create, and read. Early literacy remains a huge component of the library as well. Currently, 30,000 local kids are participating in the Summer Reading Program. Those kids will arrive back at school in the fall ready to pick up where they left off in the spring. And libraries are very much participating in the digital information age. MCPL lends eBooks, eAudiobooks, and eMagazines; provides access to streaming music and video; and provides over 250 specialized online research tools.

The Library's levy proposition would help expand those services as well as renovate buildings that were constructed in the 80s and 90s and don't offer amenities of a modern library (like enough electrical outlets for in-branch computer use). For more information about the levy and the library, visit the levy FAQ page at

Anonymous said...

See 9:19 comment above for an example of where MCPL places their priorities-----PUBLIC RELATIONS!

Constantly tooting their own horn with inflated contrived numbers. Meanwhile, underpaid employee morale has been bad for years. Go into a branch library and realize there may be more library employees on the premises than library patrons. And the library looks like something out of the 1960's.

Want a book? It's never available on-site, you have to wait for it to be transferred.
Want to work on a computer? They only have a few, and there's not enough room to take notes on the cramped table. If you go during a slow time, to try to get a computer, your time is limited and staff wants to kick you off even if no else is waiting.