Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Rose And The Kansas City Early Morning

Rose Bertram might be one of the most exotic hotties working in the global modeling trade as of late and this early morning she inspires this comprehensive glimpse of all the Kansas City links worth a peek for right now. Checkit:

Babe Takes A Bullet Across The State Line
Woman injured in KCK shooting
Cowtown Stoner Suspicions
Before cops pulled over KC mom accused of child endangerment, neighbor says she was acting strange
Sunflower State Not-So-Great Compromise
Kansas Supreme Court signs off on new school funding equity law
Show-Me Beast Way Tougher Than The Animal That Raped Leo In The Revenant  
Bear unhurt after running into side of pickup along Missouri freeway
Will Kansas City Save The Planet???
Energy Sandbox To Support Early-Stage Kansas City Entrepreneurs In The Energy Industry
Meth Town Mom Hopes For Honesty
Mom wishes daughter had been more forthright in account of Wendy's drive-thru assault
Kansas City Royals Losing Streak Restarts
Yordano Ventura struggles on return as Cards beat Royals
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .